Friday, October 21, 2011

My friend runs fast!!

One of my good friends ran her first marathon this last weekend!! For a normal person, that would mean that their main goal would be to just finish the race. Breanne however, was not only running her first marathon, but was also shooting to qualify for the Olympic trials. Yeah, she's amazing. Did I mention that her baby is 1? Well she is. Some friends and I wanted to be there to watch her cross the finish line, so we borrowed a car and drove up early {EARLY} in order to be there before they closed the roads. We had a lovely breakfast at a little mom n' pop place called Ashley's. It was good. It was also $6! Not too shabby. From there we headed over to the 1.5 mile mark, that was also the 5 mile mark and not far from the 8 mile mark. We got to see Breanne 3 times before she headed into the finish line. In order to qualify, she needed to get under 2:46 {that's a 6:19 minute mile pace people!}. Unfortunately, she woke up with severe stomach pain, and somehow made it to the starting line, and was able to run 26.2 with this pain. She crossed the finish line at 2:54 (5th place overall!!), and immediately passed out. Poor thing had to go to the hospital right after her marathon debut.  She is fine now, lounging on the beaches of Hawaii, with her cute little fam, as we speak.  She was definitely bummed that she didn't reach her goal, but rest assured, she will get out there again, and when she does, she is going to ROCK it!

Hartford was beautiful!  This is the capitol building.

Kate, Mel, and me holding up our totally awesome signage!

I had so much fun with these ladies!

Adorable Kenna.  Who, by the way, pretty much looked like this the entire day... including the hours spent in the hospital ER.  Not a peep from her the whole time.  Angel.

Breanne at mile 5

Again at mile 8

Congrats on an amazing first marathon Breanne!!

**A few of these pictures are taken from Breanne's blog

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