Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Radio City Rockettes

My mom and I went to see the Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular when they were in town.  My brother in law Duffy, and his wife Tessa, also came in town for a few days, so they joined me and my mom.  It was a fun show, and the whole time all I could think was how much my boys would have loved it.  Oh well.  Another time I guess. 

This Christmas tree shaped chandelier was amazing!!
Duffy and Tessa


mj said...

i love that you mentioned the chandelier. i actually watched some tv special on hgtv about how they decorated the entire building. and then they talked about the rockettes' costumes...and how HEAVY some of them are! it was pretty amazing!!! so beautiful.

Lauren said...

tessa never told us they went to see the show, I guess it's a good thing I read your blog! How fun to be in 'the city' at Christmas... I hope to experience that some time