Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tree at Rockefeller Center and other things

One day I said to Nate... I'm taking the evening off and am going to have some alone time.  I don't do this often, so he didn't complain.  It actually ended up not being an evening of being alone, really, but it started out that way.  I had some errands to run down in Rockefeller Square, so I took the opportunity to see the tree, and walk up 5th Ave to see some of the window displays.  I also popped into GAP to buy myself a few things, something else I never do :)  I had a lovely walk up 5th Ave, and across central park south back to the subway, where I headed back uptown to meet Nate and his sister Kierstin, who had just gotten into town, for dinner at one of our favorite places.  They took a long time to get there, so I got to sit at the bar and read my book, which was awesome!  After a delicious dinner, I said goodbye and headed over to Starbucks for a birthday get together.  We didn't last too long at Starbucks because so many people came, so a friend offered her place.  I wish I had pics because it was a little comical.  But regardless of the space constraints, we had a wonderful time chatting away, as usual. 

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