Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ice skating in Bryant Park

Back in November our old neighbors, Debbie and Peter, came into the city for a visit. We LOVED playing with them again. We headed down to Bryant Park and caught the end of a story time,  and then took the boys ice skating. We were kind of cheap though, I rented one pair of skates for my boys to switch off with, and then Debbie and I traded off skates as well. It was awesome. The boys had an absolute blast. I thought for sure Asher would try and start falling down and then say he didn't like it, but man was he determined to get it right. Sayer was more inclined to throw in the towel after one round. :) So while Peter, Asher and Debbie kept at it, I took Sayer and Bart to ride the carousel. Fun times were had by all!!
Story time

This guy was awesome!

Excited to get out on the ice!

Debbie and I got an arm workout, holding those boys up.  They got better and better each time around though.  It was pretty amazing.

Fun on the carousel!

All by himself!

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