Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Valentine...

Well, Valentines Day is here, and I realized that I have not thought once about what I would be giving to Nate. How sad and un-romantic is that. But on the other hand, I think it is great. Because what I have been thinking about is how much I love my husband and how great he is. And that, I think is the true spirit of Valentine's Day.

Why I love being married to Nate....

1. He always makes me laugh. During our first year of marriage, the thing that I realized that I loved the most about marriage was lying in bed and talking and laughing.

2. I can be my true dork-self with him, and I know that he loves me anyway!

3. Nate is the most unconfrontational person in the world. I know that I can tell him anything and he will not judge me or get angry.

4. Nate is always thinking about something, and I am so privilaged to be the one that gets to hear about his views on life, love, the gospel, etc.

5. Because Nate is always thinking, he inspires me to do the same.

6. He is always encouraging me to grow and try new things. I know that Nate honestly believes that I can do and achieve whatever I put my mind to.

7. Nate thinks that being a mother is the most important thing a woman can do. One of the biggest compliments that Nate has ever given me was when we were dating, and he said that he was thinking about me and what came to his mind was that I was a mother, and that he would trust me to raise his children.

8. He is such a cute dad, and it might surprise you to learn that he is a very protective dad. He worries all the time about Asher getting sick or hurt, and he DOES NOT like for me to give him formula. Most dads don't really care about that. But he has been my biggest cheerleader for breast-feeding. He also loves making up little nick-names for Asher, like googley pants.

9. He thinks I'm hot!!

10. Even though being married to a musician is very different, I do love it. Not really the hours or the inconsistency, but I love that he is so talented and really knows what he is doing when it comes to music. Everytime I hear him play, I am amazed that I am married to such a talented man. The one thing that would make being married to a musician better would be if he would write songs about me and seranade me. But Nate will rarely plays for me on a whim because, well, it's his job, and I can understand that!!

11. Perhaps the best thing about being married to Nate is that I know he would much rather receive appreciation like this than some random gift that I THINK he will like, but ends up not. ( I am horrible at buying gifts for Nate, I should just stick with gift cards and electronic gadgets instead of trying to be creative!)

Happy Valentines Day to my sweet husband. I love you!

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alexandra and bejamin said...

That was really sweet, Morgan!