Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oh that blessed day!

So I was going through one of my scrapbook drawers and found the disc of mine and Nate's wedding pictures. I was looking through them and thought they were so fun, so I thought I would share a couple amusing ones. First of all, here is me and my hubby overlooking SanFran...

This picture describes my husband's personality. I know he has a hot bodice, sorry ladies, taken!!

This is me with all of my bridesmaids. I like it because it is clear from the picture those of us who are "performers" and those of us who love the spotlight!! What can I say, we were born for the stage!

I had to make this one large so that you could see our faces better!

Now this one I love...this is me and my sister Jillian. We were supposed to turn around on the count of three and strike a pose, and this is the one I chose. Sorry Jill, I didn't mean to grab your boob!

I am showing you this picture because Whitney's face is priceless! It also shows my dress quite nicely and I loved my dress. I know, I am so vein, what can I say?! But just look at that double french bussle, and also, would you believe that my dress was originally strapless? They did an amazing job on the sleeves!


Lark said...

Yea! How fun to see your cute family! This is such a great way to connect with old friends. Looks like you guys are doing great - cute little boy you have. Can you believe we have kids?! Remember when I was your clogging camp counselor and you were in HS and I was a freshman at BYU? Now we are mommies and blogging! (you like that...clogging...blogging!)

Scott and Katie said...

so fun to see these darling pictures from your wedding. Time really flies doesn't it? It seems like not long ago we were in the folk dance room talking about our upcoming weddings! Those pictures of you and your sisters are so fun!

ElleT said... next license plate holder should be: happiness is...morgan posting pictures grabbing her sister's chest on her wedding day! i also love the one with you and whit...truly priceless!!

danielle said...

cute wedding pics morg.... they totally fit the busath girls

Jillian said...

Whitney's face could not be more awesome. And I will one day forgive you for violating me on your wedding day. J/K I don't think you even really were touching me...but it sure does look like it.

Lisa said...

What beautiful (and crazy) girls I have! Need I say more? Love, Mom