Sunday, March 09, 2008

Asher's new doo

Asher got a much needed haircut last night by Aunt Ashley, who he was actually starting to grow quite attached to, but not so much anymore... at least until he forgets about the traumatic experience she put him through!
Before... combing his hair
this is only the beginning...
it even got much worse than this, but I was too busy comforting him to take any more pictures. He was pretty much hysterical! He did not like those clippers!
He was even too sad to enjoy his bath, so he was in and out in like 2 minutes, then finally calmed down with his e-i-e-i-o book.
This morning before church, with the final results... the spikey-doo. I think he looks so much like his cousins Joelie and Kadin now!


Josh and Michelle said...

Poor little guy. very cute with the spikes. I wish I had Ashley to come do my hair. I am going to go very short, but havent figured out how to do it and who to have do it. I havent really found someone I love since I moved here.

Bill & Lisa Busath said...

It was a very sad experience to witness.