Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve

I'm not gonna lie... Christmas Eve started out terribly. Asher woke up with a horrible cold and was in a really bad mood. I did not get enough sleep, so I was in a terrible mood as well. Nate and I discovered that we are not very good at having Christmas on our own yet. We don't have any traditions of our own yet, and quite frankly, we were both a little too lazy to do too much about it. Part of the reason is that it has been very quiet and lonely around here, which just reminds us even more that we are not with our families, which made me very sad. But thankfully, we were able to straighten out our attitudes, and ended up having a wonderful Christmas Eve. We headed over to the East side, to the Church of Heavenly Rest Christmas pageant and live nativity. I was so glad that we went, as it really helped to put me in the spirit of Christmas. The spirit was there in abundance, and just the simple singing of Christmas hymns brought tears to my eyes. The chapel was beautiful and there was even a live donkey that Asher got to sit on and pet.

After the pageant was over, we decided to walk through Central Park instead of taking the bus home. It started raining and was pretty slushy, but it was really nice for Nate and I to talk about things that were important to us, especially after a rough couple of days with low spirits. Asher was getting hungry and cranky, so we stopped at McDonald's for our Christmas Eve dinner, which Asher loved, and it was just what he needed. We made it home and got the kids into bed, and had a nice relaxing evening wrapping some presents, putting presents out and watching tv. Nate didn't want to watch A Christmas Story, so it sadly wasn't anything Christmasy. Oh well. Nate and I were in bed by 10:30. It was a really great Christmas Eve.

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