Monday, September 24, 2007

tagged...the story of us

Emilee tagged me...

1.Where did you meet your husband?

I met Nate through the BYU folk dance touring team. He had just gotten back to provo after doing a masters at University of Michigan, and got a job in the folk music department. He was assigned to help out with the tour band that plays and tours with us. so we met before and during our tour to the southern states. we were just friends, but i remember i loved to be around him...everyone did. he was and still is, so charismatic! that was in 2002.

2. What was the first thing you said to your husband?

Oh, I don't know, probably something like, "hi my name is morgan, and you have a hot bodice!!"

3. Where was your first date? 2003, after Nate's best friend broke up with me, Nate and I left for midsemester tour to SoCal and Nevada. We had gotten to be pretty good friends from me dating josh, and so from day one, we sat next to eachother on the bus. it was this really weird, unspoken thing. we talked, hung out and flirted all tour long, and on the bus ride home, he put his hand on my know what that's like when you like someone, but you're both really unsure about it, so it was really sweet!! then we hung out everyday when we got back, still not dating, just hanging out and talking a ton. then one night, nate had to do some grocery shopping, so we went to wal-mart, the perfect place for a dtr, and talked about how we liked eachother and how we thought we should give this a shot. nate said when he got home, he wasn't quite sure how he ended up with half of the items he had bought...a very random shopping trip! but after that, we were "dating" i guess, although i can't remember our first official date. and if you're wondering if me dating him so quickly after i dated his best friend was a problem, it was. but it was quickly remedied, and josh is still one our very best friends!!

4. Where was your first kiss?

on my doorstep at like 2am. i can't remember what we had been doing, but i remember that it was a week after we had started "dating", so it took him a while to muster up the courage!!

5. Did you have a long or short engagement/courtship?

we started dating at the beginning of april, got engaged at the beginning of august and married at the beginning of november. a 3 month engagement was just about right!!

6. Where did you get engaged?
we got engaged in Nate's room after i flew in from Sac to visit for the weekend. i know that sounds not good, but it wasn't weird at all, he had an enormous room, and it was also his office/studio, and it also had mood lighting!! he was going to do all these things to fake me out, like candles and dancing in his room (which is when he ended up proposing), a picnic in the canyon, stuff like that. but there we were, dancing to "your eyes" (i think that's what it's called) and he said the moment was perfect, so he did it then. he got down on both knees and asked me to marry him, and afterwards, I think I ruined the moment by saying something like, "you're only supposed to kneel on one knee!" I'm sure that made him feel great. but you'd think that after proposing to 2 other girls, he would know that by now!! :) haha, just kidding babe! it was all very sweet and romantic!

7. Where did you get married?

the oakland, ca temple

8. How did the reception go?
it went fabulously! it was so gorgeous, and i loved it! i can't say that i remember a ton about it cause we were so tired from travelling back and forth to oakland during the day, but it was still so fun! we had a live "big band" and dance floor, and i loved my cake, it was so delicious! hmmm, cake sounds really good right about now!

9. How was the honeymoon?

the "honeymoon" was ok. we didn't really have one to be honest. that is always my advice to people who are getting married, have at least a week long honeymoon, where you can just be by yourselves and get used to the idea of marriage. we spent the first night at a really nice hotel in natomas, so that was good, but then we went to lake tahoe for the second and last night, and our hotel was not good. then we had to drive back to provo the next day and go back to school. i wish i had just taken off another week of school. oh well. to make up for it, 2 years later, we got to go to turkey for 2 weeks, just the 2 of us, and that was sooooo fun!

ok, there is our precious little story. i tag every married person who reads my blog!!


allie said...

Morgan this is so cute! I feel like I knows you guys a little better. And can I also just say that I'm having a hard time not jumping out of my chair with excitement for Thursday night tv? :)

Durtschi's said...

I love how you guys met!! So cute. On Sunday we went to another ward for a baby blessing! No worries, we will be back Sunday!!