Saturday, September 22, 2007

Week of all weeks!!!

So next week is the most exciting week that TV has seen in months. The week of all weeks! Premiere week! I haven't been watching TV since SYTYCD and Hell's Kitchen ended, and I can't tell you how excited I am for my "real" shows to start up again. I didn't even realize how excited I was for shows like the office and Grey's Anatomy to come back, until I watched previews for next season, and realized what my life had been missing...drama, McDreamy, humor, pranks on Dwight, Jan and Michael's completely unhealthy and innapropriate relationship, the soap opera of McDreamy and Merideth's relationship, Pam and Jim's hopefully blooming relationship, and so much more. Words can not express the anticipation!

I do however have a terrible dilema...both of my shows are on Thursday night at 8:00pm. I know, could it get any worse than that? I think not! What were they thinking? You'd think they'd atleast have the courtesy to spread my two favorite shows throughout the week. And, oldschool as we are, we do not have cable or tivo or dvr, or anything fancy like that, just my good old fashioned antenna and vcr that, thankfully, does record. But I can't watch one channel and record another, so I am at a loss as to what to do. I think they re-air Grey's on Fridays, so that might be what I need to do. Either that or I am going to have to find a friend who likes the same shows, and we can work something out.

Which premieres are you the most excited about? I know that next week is pretty much the week of premieres for most shows, and I know that you all have favorites, so let's hear it!!

***On another completely unrelated note, our faithful camera is broken. I think it might have something to do with Asher throwing it down the stairs and it landing very hard on the tile, but I'm not sure. So there may be some boring posts with no pictures of our adorable child, but hopefully not for long! But I did LOVE that camera. Nate got it like 2 years before we got married, so I think we have had it for like 6 years with no problems, so it's had a good run. But I am really sad about it. I think we are going to get the new version of the same one. Cannons are awesome!


Durtschi's said...

I love that you LOVE Greys!! I cant wait for that. Ben totally thinks it is so trashy...which I guess it is, but I am still hooked! We might have to have some Grey's parties.

mike said...

Morgy Porgy~ it's Kristen using Mike's address. Anyway, We also love the office. But Mike is racing buddies with McDreamy and Pat says Grays is a chick show and understands why we watch the Office every Thursday. Patrick also says XOXO Morgan, I miss you and thanks for watching.

Danielle said...

Morgs- I have the same problem and man is it a problem!!!! i do not know what to do either - i did check the scedule and at least for the premier week grays is not showing on firday which is a bummer - I have tvo and i can record 2 shows at the same time but we also like CSI too so 3 shows on the same day at the same time makes for a very hard decision

Ellen said...

Oh, Morgan. I couldn't agree more with you. You can tell I lead a rough life when my biggest problem is trying to figure out how I am going to watch the premieres of Grey's and Office when I am in Florence. And isn't Hairspray fab? I will have to look at the blog temp pages. Thanks for the tip!

Summer Adams said...

Ok seriously now, how sad am I that I've been counting down the days for premier week of all my fav shows??? I am soooo excited to be a TV junkie again, LOL! I've got all our fav shows set to record on DVR.

Hey, I just told Whit that you girls need to come over this week and play. I'll make y'all lunch or treats. Talk about it and email or call me and let's set something up! I'd love to see you and your little tikes :)

Travis said...


We feel your pain. Add to that that Survivor is also on Thursday... Hilary doesn't know what to do with herself.

I'd watch The Office live because you can always watch Grey's the next day on ABC.

Hey could you send me your contact info (email, phone, address)? I'm trying to update all my contacts.
(you could just send me a facebook message or something)

Thanks so much!