Monday, January 14, 2008

Asher's first times in the snow...

There is so much snow in Provo, it's amazing. Both our front and back yards are still covered. I don't remember there ever being this much snow in Provo and actually having it stick for more than a few days. The downside is that all the parks are covered in snow too, so the list of fun things to do with a child is greatly diminished! And to make matters worse, both the Provo Town Center and University Mall have closed down their indoor play areas for various reasons (PTC will reopen in March), and so now there is really no where to take Asher to play. So even though I still haven't got Asher snow pants yet, we have been playing in the snow, and he loves it! He is so cute when I tell him it's time to go outside, he gets his hat that we always put on him, and tries to put it on himself. He'll even go get his coat when I tell him to, and then he sticks out his little hands for me to put his mittens cute! The other day, he got a little too excited, and started running at full speed down the icy driveway, and totally ate sad! He was lucky though, in the end, there was just a tiny scratch! Here are some cute pictures and video of him playing in the snow. One of the clips includes him tromping around in a huge puddle of melted snow (how easily entertained children are), apparently the cold, wet pants weren't an issue for him. He had a bath to warm up after we went inside!

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