Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Lexi!!

Ok, ok, so this is shamefully over due!! Alexis' birthday was back on November 23rd, but due to being out of town for the holidays, and then trying to catch up on blogging, I neglected to do a post for the baby of my family for her 14th birthday. I am so horrible!! But I am determined to show her that I love her just as much as the rest of my fam, and will now (Jan 14th) do her birthday tribute.

Alexis Joy is the 6th of 6 girls and the youngest of 7 children. When I found out that my mom was pregnant, I wanted it to be a boy so bad, and was positive that it was a boy. I was extremely disappointed when we found out that it was yet another girl. But I soon got over it, and actually had the privilege of watching her be born and cutting her umbilical cord. Now, at the time, in the mind of a 6th grader, it wasn't so much of a privilege as it was a traumatizing experience, that convinced me that I would never have children, as I did not want any of that "stuff" coming out of me!! But that didn't stop me from becoming her second mother and spoiling her to death. I've always felt a special bond or closeness to Lexi, and believe that a large part of that is due to the fact that I saw her come into this world.

Alexis has, like the rest of us, been involved with Galena since she was 7, and loves to dance and perform, and has become such a beautiful dancer. Every time I see her, she is practicing and perfecting some difficult step. She is very dedicated! She also, like the rest of us, has been put through the torture that is the paper route. She and Hailey are lucky, however, as they only have to do it every other day. She is also very generous and seems to be the one person in our family that always has plenty of money saved. Keep it up Lex!

I have also been so impressed by the questions that Lexi asks...they are always so insightful. She has always surprised us by the depth of her thinking and reasoning, even at a young age. I think that she has a strong testimony of the Gospel, and really thinks about things and why they are the way they are. I hope that this pattern will continue with her as she goes through HS and makes important decisions in her life.

It has been so neat to watch Lexi become a beautiful teenager. She is very social and funny, and so so sweet. She is so good with her nephews and loves them so much, and they love her just as much...probably because she is one of the only ones willing to play with them! I can tell that she is a very nurturing person and will be an amazing mother some day!!

I love you Lexi, and hope you had an amazing birthday. I am very sorry that this tribute is so late...better late than never though, right!? ;)

Fun Facts about Lexi...

1. she has a tiny, adorable little figure
2. she loves Cinderella
3. she will watch a movie once and pretty much be able to recite the whole thing back to you...she is very good at movie quotes!
4. she loves movies and watches a lot of them
5. she will turn the volume up very loud while watching a movie, and will get annoyed if she still can't hear due to people talking!
6. me and hailey can both crack one of our toes continuously, and it drives alexis nuts!!
7. she has beautiful muscular legs
8. if you let her, she would eat nothing but candy and other junk foods all day long...just like me! :)
9. she has the worst teeth of all of us, and as a result has braces, and will have them for a long time. but she will be-u-ti-ful when they are off!!
10. she is way more spoiled than any of us have ever been...she is definitely getting all the hookups! probably the one perk to being the baby of the fam!! ;)

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ryan, maren and leah said...

ha! the toe cracking. totally forgot about it. i'm with you, alexis.