Sunday, April 20, 2008

Conference Weekend

Andy snuggling with Ally and Asher

This is a little late, but I had to document our conference weekend. We spent pretty much the whole weekend going back and forth, from Provo to Sandy, where Nate's brother Andy and his wife live. We had so much fun hanging out with them, and Kacey was so gracious to host us for 3 days in a row!!

I really enjoyed conference, at least the talks that I got to hear. I loved Elder Ballard's talk, for obvious reasons, of course. We often hear talks about mothers, but I thought this was kind of a different approach than what we normally hear. It actually came on at the funniest time too. Us wives were giving our husbands a hard time about the way they help out with the kids. Don't get me wrong, they all do a great job and are so helpful, but sometimes they don't do it exactly the way we would like them to, or in the timely manner that we would like them to. Just as we were finishing up our fun conversation, Elder Ballard gets up and starts talking about how wonderful mothers are and how husbands need to be more aware of the needs of their wives, and all that good stuff. It was perfect timing!

We forgot Asher's jammies the first night we were up there, so he got to wear some of his cousin Ally's... aren't they cute?! Purple is a good color on him!
Asher enjoying the swing set in the Olson's backyard. He could play for days at that house, and probably into all hours of the night, if we let him.
Andy, Duffy, Nate, MacKay, Bart

This picture is from the following week, fast Sunday. Duffy and Tessa came into town to visit friends and family, and Heidi was in town to see the new babe and to visit, so we all got together for a break the fast dinner, again, at Andy and Kacey's. I was up stairs feeding Sayer, and when I came down, this was what I saw, all the Olson brothers sitting together talking, I thought it was such a cool picture, and a rare occasion for them all to be together.

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Analee said...

Morgan, I absolutely LOVE the picture of the Olson Boys! Man it's awesome to see them all hanging out like that! Thanks for posting it!