Monday, April 21, 2008

Marathon and more...

Asher, Kadin and Whit

My sister Whit and her husband Ben ran the SLC marathon this weekend. Whit and the boys came into to town a few days early to hang out with us. It actually ended up being quite the busy week, so I felt like I didn't get to visit with my sis too much, but that's ok. It was also hard when we did have down time, as that was usually taken up with feeding Sayer, and talking over a crying baby (as that is what feeding time consists of these days) is not the easiest thing. Whit was so great to take over though, and soothe the poor little guy, when I needed a break.
Jill and Joelie

Ben and Whit did an awesome job in the marathon. It was Ben's first and he said is was "awesome"!. Congrats Ben and Whit for finishing with an awesome time!
Lexi, Asher, Mom and Dad at the Gateway, where the marathon ended
Nate, Hailey, Lexi
Kadi (Ben's sister), Doug (Ben's bro), Jackie (Doug's wife), Whit and Kadin
Mom, Dad, Me (with my new doo, thanks Ash!!)
Asher asleep in the stroller
Sweet baby Sayer

After they finished, we went to lunch at CPK, which was delish. It was a miracle to have both of our children asleep at a busy restaurant. That is really unheard of for Asher, especially when there is food involved. We later found out that he was sick, which is why he was so abnormally tired and sad.
Grandpa was so nice to sit and read to Asher when he wasn't feeling well. It has been so fun to see my dad with mine and Whit's boys, he is such a good grandpa, very doting. He just thinks his grandsons are so cute.
Just another cute picture of Sayer

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Lant Family said...

Cute new hair cut. Looks like a busy fun day. I would be in Shock if Lucy ever slept anywhere other then HER crib. It was fun to see you at Crystals.