Thursday, July 17, 2008

4th of July

We had a nice, laid back Fourth of July. Nate had a gig in Sandy, at their little city festival, or whatever you want to call it. We got there early for Nate to sound check, so we got to watch the parade before their concert. It wasn't that great to be honest, but Asher liked the horses and cars and fire engines and colorful floats. During the concert, he had fun making new friends and mooching food off of these new friends of his. I love this picture...
Asher, lounging on some lady's blanket, watching his daddy play fiddle, while eating this ladies cookies... classic Asher!

Asher loved the doggie

Hard to tell, but he is being patriotic, and waving an American flag... quite ferociously, I might add!

Thankfully, no one minded at all, they all thought he was adorable and hilarious, which of course, he is, but I still felt kind of bad. Oh well. He also liked to run around with his BFF Jace, whose mom plays and sings in the band with Nate. During the concert, I laid Sayer on his tummy on our blanket, and this sweet old man got my attention and said: "hey, I want to hold that baby." Um, ok. I actually didn't care at all, and he was really sweet and funny. He seriously held him for like 45 minutes, and Sayer was an angel the entire time. He just sat there, and didn't make a peep. I thought it was pretty cute though, for this man to want to hold him, he wasn't creepy at all, so no worries!

After the concert, there was another country singer, which was followed by fireworks, but we opted to take the kiddies home, since it was already well past their bedtimes. They were so good for me. I always get nervous to be by myself in public with the 2 kids. Well, only when I can't restrain Asher and keep him in his carseat or stroller the entire time, but he was very good for me, and never ran out of my line of sight.

I bought some fireworks to do for Asher on Saturday night, as we were having a BBQ with my sisters and some other friends, but we never got around to doing them. We will have to break them out sometime this week. But the BBQ was fun, and delicious. I made this yummy ice cream cake. Very patriotic, don't you think? I'll post the recipe on my Chocolate Kitchen blog.

I also made this watermelon lime drink

It was... interesting. Nate loved it though. If I were to make it again, I would strain the pulp out.

Anyway, we had a nice 4th, even though we didn't see a single firework. Kind of sad.


Sevak said...

That was so sweet that everybody helped out with your kids...sounds like a nice community that you only hear about from the past. Sure made me feel patriotic!

Sevak said...

Oops...I accidentally posted as my husband. This is "Chrissie!"

Josh and Michelle said...

The cookie thing sounds like classic Busath!

The Kneese's said...

Looks like fun! I think that the lady with the dogs is my cousin... Julyn! That's hilarious if it is!