Thursday, July 17, 2008

My silly little boys...

Asher loves to pretend that he is going "na-night" in Sayer's bouncer

Wearing Nate's church sock... it looks like a thigh high on him... I love it!

Striking a pose

How cute is this kid?

Asher was being so cute with Sayer, making sure he was covered with the "blankie", so he wouldn't get cold.

He was totally making Sayer laugh too, it was so sweet.


Sevak said...

How sweet!

Chrissie said...

(That comment was mine, not Sevak's)

whitney said...

oh my goodness, that video is just precious! i can't believe how much asher is talking, even since santa cruz. those pictures of sayer are so cute. joel and kadin keep making me play the video over and over and keep saying, "oh, so cute!"