Thursday, July 17, 2008


This last Saturday, Nate played at a Bluegrass Festival up at Snowbird, with his band Cold Creek. He had lots of free time after their show, and there were lots of fun things to do up there, so I made the nice long drive to see daddy. Asher was so excited. He kept saying "I wanna go see daddy". Stuff like that makes Nate so happy!

When we got there, we headed up to the bouncy castle, but Asher got a little sidetracked listening to this group jamming. He does this little side step thing, like a little shuffle to the side, that is part of his dance repertoire. Everyone got a kick out of him. The guy playing the cajon let him hit it a couple of times. I think Asher is a born musician... he is fascinated watching, and listening to people play.
This was Sayer's reaction to the music!

Just a quick drink, and he's ready to get back out there!

He of course LOVED the bounce castle. He would have stayed on it all day if we let him. As it was, he was on it for about 45 minutes. He kept saying "I did it", over and over. Love that kid! There was this weird kid in there, who kept pushing Asher down, and then would go sit on Asher, or pull him down more, when he fell on his own. It was a little disturbing... not your normal toddler behavior that you expect. It was more like, angry, mean, future threat to our society kind of a thing... he would like clench and barr his teeth as he was doing it, it was weird. But thankfully, he left after only a little bit.

The kid in the black shirt is the one I was talking about

After the bounce house, we went on the tram that takes you to the top of the mountain. We got out at the top, and Asher got to throw rocks and run free, and all that good boy stuff.

Those few things ended up taking up quite awhile, and before we knew it, it was time for me to head back with the kids. I had planned on staying for a concert, but the kids were pretty beat. I started the journey home, and about 10 minutes in, I had 2 hungry, tired, screaming children. We stopped at Wendy's, which was thankfully pretty empty, as both kids were quite the sight to behold. Asher was good after he got his food, but poor Sayer was so tired, so it was a struggle to get him to eat, then finally go to sleep. After awhile, I realized that Nate didn't even have to stay up at the festival as he was done performing, that he just wanted to, to hear some bands play. I found myself wondering how I ended up in this situation... me with 2 screaming children by myself, while Nate sat by himself, leisurely listening to music in the beautiful outdoors. When I texted this question to him, he responded by saying: "sometimes the music is loud, and it hurts my ears... does that count?" HA, yeah right buddy! But all was well, and I was home with the kids in bed soon enough.

Despite the dramatic ending, it was a good day. It is always fun to get out with Asher, and see him enjoy himself. Nothing makes me happier these days!


Dan and Marci said...

Oh. . .mommy outings are sometimes so stressful and tiring but end up well worth the effort. I love Nate's justification--sometimes they just don't see it our way--I guess I don't see it their way very often either!

Josh and Michelle said...

There is a bluegrass festival up here at targhee sometime soon ( I think) can you guys come up and go to it so I can see you and your cuties.

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday! You're getting up there!! Ya right, I turn the big 30 in September... ic an't believe I', that old! Sounds like you had a good birthday!