Friday, July 31, 2009

Who does that???

Today was laundry day. I went to pick up my dry clothes from the basement and was folding them down there, and I all of the sudden realized that my white sweater that I had hung up to dry was gone!! Someone STOLE my sweater! Who does that? Who steals a wet sweater that is clearly hanging up to dry (we often have people leave piles of clothes that are up for grabs... gross, but mine was wet, hanging very far away from that pile) from someone in their own building. Did the person just look at it and think, hmmm, that looks like it will fit me... I need a white sweater... I think I am going to take this. Seriously. I was so ticked. It's not like it was a really expensive sweater, but it was one of MY nicer sweaters, and I just bought it like a month ago. I very rarely buy clothes for myself, and when I do, I agonize over what I should buy and if I should spend the money. So to have it stolen after all that, just really makes me mad, and sad. And I remember when I got it out of the wash, I had been so excited that a particular stain had come out of it.  I guess it really is my fault.  I should have brought it home to dry.  But I have never had a problem before, and I know so many of the people in our building... it just seems like such a stupid thing to do.

Anyway... sorry, I just needed to vent. I really am going to miss that sweater.  If I see some chick in my building wearing it, I am going to say something.  She won't be able to deny it either, because only people in UT or Mormons buy Shade Clothing sweaters, and there is only one other member family in our building.  Ok, so maybe I won't have the guts to say anything, but I will have the satisfaction of knowing that she is a fool... and a thief!


schmath said...

You should totally say something. Just say, "You found my lost sweater! Where was it?" Then she'll be like, "Oh it was in that pile in the laundry room," and then she'll take it off and give it to you. And she won't ever know that you knew she was lying, but it'll eat away at her, and then someday she'll come to you, groveling, because she needs to get it off her chest, and you'll be like, "Ha ha, I totally knew you stole it. I just thought I'd go easy on you." And then you'll be best friends, but watch out because she's probably a clepto and will steal all your clothes.

My friend had her pillow stolen out of a dryer in BYU housing. We thought it was a prank, but the pillow never came back.

Tara said...

That makes me so mad! I have been stolen from so many times and I HATE the feeling I get when that happens! So sorry....I hope you find it!

Julia said...


Michael and Natalie said...

My mom once brought my cousin a t shirt from our local elementary school as a gift to her in Argentina. She LOVED that shirt and would wash it lovingly and then dry it outdoors on her roof on a clothesline because the family didn't (don't) have a dryer. Anyway, the little neighbor girl stole it! And then she had the nerve to wear it around town. I don't think she ever said anything, but can you imagine? Does that person honestly never think you'll run into them? If you do, what you should say is, "Oh my gosh I LOVE your sweater! Where did you get it?!"