Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bryant Park

The kids and I FINALLY made it to Bryant Park a couple weeks ago. I have been wanting to go there sine we moved here, but we have to take the subway and I couldn't do it by myself. But since I got my Ergo, I have been able to take the kids on the subway by myself, and it's like a whole new world for me!! ;)

I really liked Bryant Park... it was so quaint and pretty. There was a nice big grass area where Asher could run free (as long as he dodged all the people sitting on the grass) to his little heart's desire. Asher has a gift for making friends, he seems to make them wherever he goes, and this trip was no exception. There was a family there with 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl who was about 15 or so, they were wrestling, and Asher thought that that was as good as an invitation to join them. They were so nice to let him play and pretend to get tackled by him. He had a ball.
When we first got there he spotted the carousel and insisted on riding it. Of course I didn't have any cash (I never have cash. Until I do, I don't think I can be considered a true new yorker), so I had to find an atm to use. Once we finally got on the ride and it started, he got scared and wanted to get off. So typical. I said "no way buddy, you are riding this thing the whole time after all that". He managed ok, but Sayer did not. He wanted off the horse before he sat down on it. 
Poor Sayer 

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Kelty said...

This post made me laugh! good pictures Morgan - it looks like you are making the most of city life!