Thursday, July 09, 2009


*Took the kids to a puppet show at Morningside Park. NYC version of Sleeping Beauty.
It was really cute and actually quite funny. I was pleasantly surprised how well Asher and Sayer both sat through it. They lasted about 45 minutes before Asher wanted to get up and play basketball... not bad.  On the way to the park, we saw a movie shoot around the corner from our house.

*I was checking my email and looked up to see Asher wearing my thera band, his shirt, and nothing else. I about died laughing! Such a funny kid.

*Went to the park after the kids' naps. Saw the nanny of a family that used to be in our building. We haven't seen each other in about 6 months or so. After we said hi, the first thing she says to me is "wow, you have lost many pounds!!" (she is hispanic, so her english is choppy) Geez, did I really look that big?? I think she really did mean well, it just came out sounding a little harsh. 

*Made the kids a really nice, yummy, healthy dinner, of which they ate none of. Why do I bother? I sent them both to bed without dinner. Hopefully they will get the message that if you don't eat what mom made, you don't eat at all!

*Went on a bike ride through Central Park. I heart Central Park!! It was the most beautiful weather, and there were so many people out exercising and enjoying the perfect weather. People watching is so much better when you are riding a bike, because you get to see so many more than when you are just walking or running. When I left my apartment at 7pm, there was a couple full on yelling at each other, and when I came back at 8pm, they were still there going at it. The saddest part was that they had their little baby in the stroller with them. This kind of thing always happens in NY. I don't understand why people don't just go up to their apartment and have their fights in the privacy of their own home. On another note, I don't think that my butt was made for bike riding. What's the secret people? Does the pain just go away one day? I'm wearing padded shorts and everything. I'm gonna be tough and stick it out for the sake of my triathlon, but I'm not gonna lie... it's rough!

Overall, it was a really nice day!!


Julia said...

sounds like a really sweet day morgan. i hear you on the screaming people though. it makes it uncomfortable for everyone, you know?

i love that you are soaking up ny. i cannot tell you how jealous i am. jealous, jealous.

and as for the bike thing. keep riding. it will get better. your butt bones will adjust. :)

Trent & Emily Davies said...

How fun! You always do such great things with your boys! They are lucky to have you for their mom!!

Michal Thompson said...

I bet you have seen my cousin in central park and not even known it. She is about to get married and they got a place right there. She is big runner too.