Thursday, July 02, 2009

The morning off

This morning my alarm went off at 6:30. Nate asked me if I was going running and I said yes. He said: "so I was thinking that you should have the morning off... so do you want to sleep in and go running later?" I said "that would be wonderful" and rolled over and went back to sleep! Isn't that so sweet? For no reason at all!! Ok, so I may or may not have been in a bad mood last night because the kids were driving me batty, and it was still an hour 'til bedtime, but still!! So I slept soundly until 9:00, at which time I got my running clothes on, went and said hello to the kiddies, and headed out the door. After my run, I stayed in riverside park and stretched for a long time. It was overcast and breezy, so it felt so nice after my run. This was a serious treat, because usually I have to hurry home to do my stretching, where my kids proceed to climb all over me, and pull me away to do this or that, and an hour later, I am finally finishing up my last stretch. {I do go a little crazy with my stretching, but ever since I hurt my knee, I have been a little paranoid, so I make sure I stretch really well} So after my nice stretch, I walked home, took a nice long cold shower {my new favorite thing! I am starting to take quick cold showers before going to bed, because I sleep SO much better. It is so humid here, that by the end of the day I feel very sticky, and that just doesn't feel good when you are trying to fall asleep} got dressed and then walked to the grocery store to pick up some delicious lunch items for my sweet hubby, because he definitely deserved it! By the time I got home, they were back from the park, and I was happy to see them. I gave them the rest of their lunch, put them to bed, and then made a yummy lunch for me and Nate. Now it is quiet for a little while, and I am writing this blog post. I don't know about you, but having the morning off every once in awhile makes a HUGE difference. It's such a small thing, and even though I feel like I was still productive, just not having to have the kids with me for a few hours, during a time when I usually do have them around me, felt so nice. Thank you Nate for being sensitive to how I was feeling, and knowing just what I needed... and then giving it to me!! You're the BEST and I love you! :)

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Becky said...

Good hubby! It's amazing what just a little time to yourself will do for you! I'm so glad you got a chance to have some you time!!!