Tuesday, February 16, 2010


One day, Nate came home with these...
Crumbs cupcakes. Yeah, they were amazing. The one on the right (mine) was called half baked. It involved cookies, brownies, chocolate, vanilla, fudge, and cream filling. The one on the left (Nate's) is called S'mores. I don't know why people say that Magnolia's is the best, because really, they aren't anything special (the cupcakes I mean). But Crumbs... yum. Those are some cupcakes to talk about. Speaking of which, Nate just called to say that he was right by one down by NYU and asked if I wanted him to bring home a cupcake sampler... um, YES! I'll let you know how they are!!

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Michal Thompson said...

Your making me salivate! BTY- who cares what is on your kids face or what they are wearing, they are always cute