Monday, February 15, 2010

Liberty Island and Top of the Rock

I went with Lizza to Liberty Island and to the Top of the Rock. I don't know about Lizza, but I had so much fun with her. I love chatting and laughing with Lizza. The top of the rock was SO awesome. We went on a really clear and sunny day, so we got some awesome views of the city. I can't wait to take the boys up there so they can get a better idea of the city that we live in. Central Park looks so cool from up there, and I know Asher would love it. After the rock, we went and got some Famous Famiglia pizza (which I love). That was actually another highlight of the day... just sitting there talking about random things while eating pizza and salad and drinking a huge fountain drink of diet coke. The absence of children was also another big bonus. Oh, we also went to Ground Zero on the same day we went to Liberty Island. I still had never been there, so it was neat to see. We also went into the memorial museum which was really great, if you can call anything from that day great.

Overlooking Central Park. It looks so dead and ugly right now. Sad.
Empire State building
George Washington Bridge (our neck of the woods)
Same view as above except I zoomed in on the riverside church tower (which is the tall thing sticking up in the center-ish of the bridge) that is right down the street from my house so you can get an idea where our house is.

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Bry Errin and Cannon said...

How fun! It is always nice to get out into the city and enjoy the things you can't do with your kiddos! I am glad I found your blog ... now i can have ideas of things to do :)