Monday, February 22, 2010

Is it early spring cleaning?

Is it early nesting? Or is it just post/mid-sickness gross out?

With our tiny, hundred year old New York City apartment, I find that I really have to keep on top of the cleaning. I don't know if it's bad ventilation, or musty moldiness that we can't control, but our apartment will start to smell if I don't stay on top of things. It could be the garbage in our kitchen, or when a certain little mr. misses the toilet when he is peeing and I don't notice for a couple days (gross, I know, sorry), or if something got spilled in the fridge, or if that same little mr. wet his bed and the sheets in the dirty clothes start to get overwhelming (again, sick. you gotta love kids)... whatever it may be, I am VERY sensitive to this aspect of our apartment. Every time I walk into the apartment, I take a big whiff to make sure we are ship shape. Well, having been sick and stuffed up for the past 2 1/2 weeks, I have not been able to tell whether or not things have gone sour. This, as you can imagine, is very distressing. People come over, and all I can think about is "i wonder what my house smells like" and "are they judging me?"

Well, over the past couple of days, I have been having moments where my smell comes back a little (not great, but sometimes it's there) and this morning coming home from preschool was one of those moments. It was not pleasant. So after I put this kids down for naps (which they both fell into VERY quickly, thank heaven) I went on a cleaning rampage. I got on my hands and knees and cleaned every inch of our bathroom, and yes, that is including the impossible to reach under side of the claw foot bathtub (with a 7 month pregnant belly, thank you very much). I scrubbed the living room/kitchen floors, cleaned out the fridge, washed the walls with soap and water, took out the garbage, and even washed and bleached the kitchen garbage can. I even dusted our faux wood furniture. Yes, it was amazing, and yes I am very pleased with myself.

So, for any of you that have come to my home in the past couple weeks, I sincerely apologize if it did not smell pleasant. No worries though, we are good to go now, so so feel free to come back over anytime! ;)


Alys said...

I hate cleaning, but it is a necessary evil.

Rachelle Carling said...

Oh Morg... I wish I lived out there. I would come clean your house in a heartbeat. Seven months pregnant bending over just makes me ache for you. And... you are already 7 months along?!! Yeahoo!

The Lambs said...

Whatever gives us that drive to clean, it sure is a nice facet of pregnancy because sometimes it's so hard to get myself to do it. And I read that story about the miraculous recovery of that little boy- we are all at fault for leaving kids in the tub "for just a second"- it was a good reminder!

Bry Errin and Cannon said...

haha I just laugh because I swear .. these apartments stink 24-7!!!! Honestly, I scrub mine too and give the cleaners fragrance an hour to clear and I can smell weird smells again. i always tell Bryan I just don't even want to know what is under our fridge or stove. Too many people... too long since they have been moved. So, don't worry! But the smells do make me really sick being prego!

Heidi said...

Wow, you are amazing!! Congrats on your ambitious success! I relate...except with the scrub cleaning during third trimester. You rock girl! Good job on the motivation. I hope the early-spring-cleaning bug arrives here next. :)