Monday, June 14, 2010

Bartlett's Blessing

Nate's family were all in town for a family reunion at Aspen Grove the weekend after Memorial Day. We thought that it would be a perfect time to bless Bart since so many people would be in town. My parent's were so great to make the long drive to be there for it, even though they had to leave early the next morning, so they were only in town for about 24 hours. But it was so great to have so many family members here to celebrate with us. We ended up doing it on Saturday at our house, as people were leaving on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. It was a wonderful day, and Nate gave a beautiful blessing. I am so grateful to have a husband who is a worthy priesthood holder, and is able to bless our children.
This was one of my brother's outfits. I think it was just a church outfit or something, but I thought it would be a perfect blessing outfit. He looked so sweet in it.

Men and their technology...

Duffy, Maddie and Tessa. Look at all those blue eyes!


Jackson, Vander and Bart

Zoe, Bart and Erin's little girl

Nana and Ashlyn

Kacey and Erin
Thanks to my mom for bringing the delicious food!

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Heather said...

Little Bart is so cute. I can't believe how much your boys look alike. How fun to bless him with so much family in town. Glad to hear his little surgery went well and it is all taken care of.