Thursday, June 17, 2010

Moving day

This is of course long overdue, but I wanted to get some pictures up of our last day in NYC. It was a crazy day! I almost lost it a few times throughout all the packing, and if Chris and Heidi (Nate's parents) hadn't been there, I would have been an absolute mess. Packing and moving with a newborn and two boys in a 500 sq/ft apartment is not fun. Not fun at all. But we survived, obviously, but by the time we got on the plane I had a splitting headache and was just plain wasted. Can't wait to do it all again in August! ;)

We are going to miss our little apartment with it's cute balcony. We had to give it up to come to UT for the summer. But we just found out that we will be in the same apartment, just one floor higher this next year. It is the same layout, but it doesn't have a balcony. I am going to miss it because I love it and it adds a lot to our little place. But it was starting to make us a little nervous with the kids. We know we like the layout though, so we are happy with our new living arrangements.

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