Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wheeler Farm

One of the first weekends that we were back in UT, Nate wanted to go to a fiddle contest up at Wheeler Farm, so we decided to take the kids. They of course loved all the ducks and geese that were wandering around. They loved to climb on everything, and I am amazed that they never once fell in the water. I loved seeing them have so much fun though. They seem like they can entertain themselves for hours at places like this.

Chasing ducks and geese

Climbing the wagon

Asher sittin' on the porta john

This turkey was enormous. Aside from their necks and heads, they really are beautiful animals.

Little Barty, being so good, as always!


Katie and Jeff Wood said...

what a cute family! your new baby boy is adorable :) how fun that you get to go to Utah for the summer.

Michal Thompson said...

oh we loved wheeler farm!

Liz Green said...

That is a fun place I use to go when I was a kid. What place did Nate take in the fiddler contest?

Morgan said...

Nate didn't actually compete. he just wanted to go to see all his friends and old students.