Monday, June 14, 2010

Minor Sugery

I was changing Bart's diaper one day and felt a hard lump on his little bum. It freaked me out so I took him to the Dr right away. Unfortunately, what would soon be an abcess (sp?), had not yet formed, so even after a trip to the ER up in SLC, we still had to go back to the Dr several times to get it taken care of. After lots of appointments, trips to Primary Children's, and finally a minor out patient surgery, his little bum is all better. Here are some pictures from his surgery:
He had to go under general anesthesia, which was a little scary because he was so little, but it all went great. These are before/as he was waking up.
With his little oxygen mask
He looked so sweet in his little hospital bed.

I thought the little gowns were adorable! ...and also a little sad. Sad that they need them at all. But he does look pretty precious, doesn't he? Thankfully he was over one month, which is the cut off for not having to stay over night in the hospital.
His surgeon was Dr. Downey, and he was so great. If you live in UT and your child ever has to have surgery, he is a fantastic Pediatric Surgeon, and SUCH a nice man. Loved him! Anyway, his bum is healing nicely, and we hope that we don't have anymore problems.


david said...

Glad he's OK!

Missed you in Santa Cruz.

Michal Thompson said...

I see abcesses almost every day at the ER. They are more common than people know. I hope that stays in the past.

Lark said...

Glad to hear it all went well. My husband is doing ped surgery these next few months and I can't even imagine him operating on little ones like Bart! So scary, but I guess someone has to do it. Anyway, sorry about the rambling...

Josh and Michelle said...

Poor little guy! what is an abcess? Call me stupid, but I have no idea.

Morgan said...

michelle, an abcess is like an enormous pimple, or cyst. it is just this huge bump filled with pus and nastiness. it is an infection. they first sliced it open and drained it in the office but it didn't heal correctly, or he got another one or something, then they had to do the surgery.