Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fall pictures

 I was looking through out pictures and realized that I completely forgot to post the pictures that we had taken this fall by our neighbor.  This red door is the front of a catholic church on the west end of our street.

 Some of my favorite pictures were these candids where we are trying to get our kids to stand still.  Sayer was very un-cooperative at the beginning, and Asher at the end.  Gotta love that.

 Doors of Riverside Church.  It started getting really cold at this point.

 Inside Sakura park, which is just across the street from Riverside church on 122nd, and a block west of our building.  Notice Asher's pouty face.

 I miss these precious curls so much. :(

You can tell by their faces that this is the end of the session. ;)


julie said...

Great pictures! You have such a cute family! Love ya!

Michal Thompson said...

i love these pics! My biggest fear of Boston was riding on the T by myself with all my kids. That was when I had only 2. So way to go.

Jenny said...

what beautiful photos! you all look so great ... i love the mittens too:)

Lisa Busath said...

These are precious! I want some copies. Can you e-mail them to me and I'll print them myself?

Cressida said...

Completely digging the red shoes!!! Gorgeous family, Morgs xoxo