Friday, April 15, 2011

My boys this morning...

Enjoying our new Roku. I just set it up yesterday, and am a huge fan already.

That air mattress is my new bed... we had to move Bart back into our room because he was waking up the boys with his nighttime chatting.  So now he is waking us up, and I am not a fan.  He puts himself right back to sleep, but it is enough that Nate and I are both not getting a solid nights sleep.  Most nights we full on carry our mattress out to the family room, and sleep quite well out there, I might add.  But Nate is in London this week, so it's the air mattress for me.  I guess this is us trying to make our little apartment work for us. :)  Hopefully we will get Barty back in the boys room soon.
Just look at that precious face though... how can you stay mad at that?
Big stander!  On his way to being a big walker.  It's actually making me a little sad.  I love having a baby, and he is not going to be one much longer.  :( 

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breckster said...

two words (plus a few) Sesame Street: on netflix. I love our roku. Those boys are getting so big!