Sunday, July 10, 2011

A great day in the city

The week before we left for Cape Cod, the boys and I headed out on an adventure with some friends.  First stop was the Taste of Parks.  They had all of the vendors from around Central Park giving out free samples right outside the Central Park Zoo.  It was pretty delicious.  

From there we went straight to the zoo and watched the seals, the penguins, and then watched the polar bear swim back and forth about a hundred times.  It was great fun.  From there, we went over to the Children's Zoo and the kids had a blast running around on the spider web and feeding the goats.  

Finally, after prying them away, we headed out and walked north along the east side of the park for a bit, until we came to one of the most awesome parks we've been to in NYC.  Well, really it was just a really cool slide.  We were probably there for about 2 hours, and I kid you not, the kids did not stop going down that slide the entire time.  

Barty slept in the stroller.  Eventually, I dragged them away and we caught the cross-town bus and then the subway home.  It was one of my favorite NY days with the kids.


Hailey said...

Where is that slide park? I want to go!

Michal Thompson said...

this looks like a party!