Monday, June 09, 2008

Weekend update...

So this last week with Asher, has pretty much been unbearable, throwing tantrums over every tiny little thing, wanting his binky and blanky every second of the day, being so clingy, hitting, more tantrums, sleeping bad, you name it. Can I just say, that all mothers know best. I knew Asher had an ear infection when he woke up last Saturday morning with a low grade fever, but the Dr. told me "no, just treat the symptoms, it probably won't turn into an ear infection, blah blah blah!" So I totally listened to him, and on Monday when he didn't have a fever anymore, I thought he was better (which does make me feel bad for making Asher cry that night, but he really was feeling fine at that moment, and really was wanting to play). Anyway, so the week goes on and Asher is just a monster, and I was starting to think that I was a horrible mother, and that he was just turning into a bratty child, until...

On Thursday, I tried to pick some ear wax out of Asher's ear, and he freaked out, not like a brat, but like he was in pain, and immediately, I said: "I knew it!!!" I called the next morning to get him into the Dr (again), and sure enough... ear infection. Let me tell you, I was so glad that it was an ear infection, because the Asher from this last week was not my Asher, it was like he was a completely different child, and that other child, was driving me insane!!! I totally forgot that he really is such a sweet, happy little guy. So anyway, he is so much happier now, and is back to playing outside all day long, and this morning, he didn't even want his binky and blanky when he woke up, he just left them in the crib. Hallelujah for antibiotics! 

So yeah, mom's know best... always listen to your instincts!!

Friday night was the Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband CD launch concert. They put on a great show, and Sayer was a champ and slept through the whole thing, while Asher was at home with a babysitter. The best part of the whole night, were the teeny-bopper girls that were sitting behind us. Half way through the show, the band came up to this little stage in the middle of the audience, and the girls behind us were freaking out, they were so excited to be so close to the band. HAHA!! Then one of them says, "OMIGOSH, if they play Dream Big, I am going to die!" Then, later, Ryan was introducing one of their songs, 10,000 Lakes, and was telling the story of how he started writing the song, which included a sword that had 10,000 jewels stolen out of it, and then he announced the title of the song, and the girl was like: "ok, that has nothing to do with the story he just told" Oh man, it was so awesome. I know it doesn't sound as funny to you, but trust me, it was. These girls were seriously so dumb, and definitely did not grasp the deeper meaning of the song. 

Ok, so then, on Saturday, I took the kids to babiesrus to get a bed for Sayer, which is just a second pack n' play with a bassinet attachment, and then decided to head next door to Toysrus, just for fun. Let me just say, that there is a reason that I don't do that very often... as soon as I walked in, I was like, "oh, Asher would love, this... this is so cool..." etc etc. I wanted to get everything in that store. Then we found the bikes and Asher was in heaven. He seriously loves bikes, or anything that he can sit on and pretend to drive. So Nate and I have been talking about getting him one, and it took all my energy to not buy him one right then and there, without even researching prices and models and all that good stuff. Amazingly, we made it out of there, not having spent a penny. What self control I have!!

Then, on Saturday night, the best thing in the world happened. I put Sayer down to bed at 7:00 pm, in his new bed, and he slept for 11 1/2 hours straight. I didn't hear a peep out of him until 6:30 am. I was so happy. Of course, I still didn't get a good night sleep, because I kept waking up, waiting for him to cry. But I'm not complaining, my body will adjust soon enough, as he did the same thing last night. So it looks like 3 months is the magic age for Sayer... he is eating so much better and is so much happier, I wrap him up and lay him down, and he puts himself to sleep, and now, he is sleeping through the night, and I didn't even have to make him cry it out (which I was seriously considering). Woo-hoo!! 

Last night, I had to work, so Nate did both kids all by himself, and did an awesome job. Now that they both go to bed around the same time, it can get a little tricky for one person, so I was very impressed when he said things went well.

So anyway, sorry for the long boring post, but I just wanted to post those few thoughts. This week, I will be on my own starting tomorrow, as Nate is teaching at a fiddle camp, so thank goodness that Asher is back to his cheerful self, or else things would have gotten pretty ugly around here!


Jonathan and Tabitha said...

Morgan- check out We're probably going to buy one for Benjamin as his first bike when he gets closer to turning 2- There are no pedals so they help kids learn to balance sooner. I like that I won't have to deal with training wheels and the whole idea of getting rid of them someday.

Lant Family said...

I remember one time I totally thought Lucy had an ear infection. I put off taking her to the Dr because it is such a hassel, long wait etc. But I finally took her and her was like it kinda looks like it will turn into one. I was so worried he wasn't going to give her anything . but he DID and I was SO grateful. Lucy was a nice little girl again. Just like you said.

Bethanne said...

Okay, so I have been blessed to have never had kids with ear infections, but I know that sleep deprivation turns my oldest into a monster and incoming teeth turns my second into one! Good for you though for listening to your instincts!

And congrats on Sayer sleeping thru the night. Having kids that sleep well is the BEST possible blessing to a parent. Okay, one of them. :) It just makes everyone happier!

Good luck on the bike thing too. We made Leah wait until she turned 3, but more than anything because we were in an apartment before and didn't want to have to deal with it. But she LOVES her bike now and doesn't hesitate to tell Jax that he will earn one on HIS third birthday too.

Where do you work BTW?

Bethanne said...

At the moment I am SO avoiding my work!

When we lived in Sac-town I got involved with a company that does demographic and psychographic (lifestyle) reports for dentists mostly (but also doctors, etc). We assess the value of a location (pros and cons) as to where they want to put a new practice, for example. Has nothing to do with my degree (International Studies), but it has helped pay the bills for the past almost 3 years. :)

Lark said...

This was not boring at all to me...I would love to see Ryan Shupe again - I was a regular at their Nate's brother their drummer, or used to be or something? I don't really know either of them very well, but thought there was that connection? anyway, love the teenage girls behind you - hilarious.
Mimi sleeps in our pack n play with bassinet attachment and does very well too. She still wakes up at 4 or 5 am to eat, but is down at 8 pm. Hopefully she will follow in Sayers footsteps here soon!

Nate, Morgan, Asher and Sayer said...

lark, yes, nate's brother, bart is the drummer. sayer sometimes still wakes up at 4 or 5 as well. i try not to feed him and just put his binky in, and sometimes that works, but other times it doesn't. oh well, it's still great progress. mimi is doing great too. now, if i could just get to bed at a decent hour, i'd feel great!