Sunday, September 28, 2008

Asher and his stro-wo-wo-wo-wo

After one visit to a park here in the city, it became apparent that we were going to have to get Asher his own baby doll stroller (or as he calls it, stro-wo-wo-wo-wo) as he would find some other kid's and take off with it. Most people don't care, but I just thought it best to avoid 2 year old power struggles over one more thing. Well, he loves his stroller, and it is usually the first thing he asks for when I get him out of the stroller. This is what he usually does with his stroller...

He hauls it up onto to the play equipment and strolls around up there. There was this one dad who was up there with his kid, and saw Asher with the stroller up there, and started freaking out. Not mad, he was worried about Asher being up there with a stroller, and followed him with his arms hovered around him, like Asher was going to fall off or something. All the while, this dad is frantically looking around for this child's parent. I thought it was pretty funny myself... I think parents here are WAY too over protective. Some of them follow their kids around everywhere they go. I think kids need to experience life... falls and all, not from play equipment mind you, but you know what I mean. And Asher wasn't going to fall, he is very capable and coordinated. He looked exactly the way he did in these pictures when that guy was freaking out. People always freak out when he goes on the stairs too... geez people, I know how to take care of my child, thank you very much!! Ok, so I really don't mind. I would rather have someone mention something to me, even if I am totally aware, because I'm sure there will be a time when I am not aware, and he really will be in danger or something.

Sorry for my little tangent... moral of the story, Asher loves his stroller, and I think he looks so cute pushing it around every where.

This is on a walk in Central Park, we let Asher out of the stroller, so he could push his stroller like mommy. He was SO happy, he felt like such a big kid. And lets face it, he does look adorable!!


Bethanne said...

That is so very cute. Jackson and Leah both love Leah's baby doll stroller too. Although Dan might have issues with me getting Jax his own (I've already tried to convince Dan to let me get Jackson a boy baby doll, and he avoids that subject like the plague!).

Funny that that guy was having such issues. People look at me like that too when Jackson is getting himself into a pickle. But I know my own kid and I know what he can and can't handle.

Heidi said...

Love all the pics and updates! The stroller for Asher is classic :-)

James, Cameo, and Jacob said...

Wow, what a whole new world you live in - going from Provo to New York life!! It sounds like things are going well for you guys, though, and you are getting all adjusted. Asher's little stroller is sooo cute!! Those pictures are hilarious of him pushing it around all that wooden structure!!