Monday, September 08, 2008


Just a cute picture, because I felt like there needed to be a picture at the beginning... you know, for aesthetic purposes!

On Saturday, we had our first experience with the rain in the city. We headed out for the park, with clouds in the sky, it definitely looked like rain. So we packed our new handy-dandy rain cover, and didn't even think about umbrellas (not that we had any to bring if we had thought of it). So we go to the park, all is well, and then it starts sprinkling. In Utah, this would be no big deal. It would most likely not get much worse, and if it did, it would stop pretty quickly. Well... all of the sudden, it started to POUR. Not thin little drops, but huge thick rain drops, and lots of them, coming down fast. We may as well have been taking a shower... seriously! Well, we decided to start walking home as we were already wet, then it just got worse, so we stopped under an awning for a little bit. When it still didn't get any better, we just decided to keep going. We were already drenched by this point (the kids were dry by the way. that is, once I figured out how to fit the rain cover on the stroller. I had one of those "oh, you lift up on the buckle" moments. You know, where something was painfully obvious, but I could not for the life of me figure it out... but then I did!) Anyway... we finally got on the subway, and made it home. I thought it was pretty fun myself, but Nate was a little peeved that his electronic gadgets were going to get wet. They were for the most part fine though. So yeah, we need to get some umbrellas I'd say, seeing as how we can't just hop in the car when it's raining!

Ok, so for all of you who have been asking me how I like my stroller... I l-o-v-e, LOVE it!! It is everything I hoped it would be and more. I had actually originally ordered the Dash, which is the model in between the Sport and the Vibe, as it just came out and they were having a promotion where it was only $30 more than the Sport, and it had padded seats, and some other features I enjoyed. Well, I ordered it, and then got an email, saying that there may or may not be something wrong with the frame, so the company asked all distributers to halt sales. So they told me that I could either wait (for who knows how long) or get the Sport for a discount. Um, I went for the discount. I ended up getting the stroller, the double seat, and the rain cover (which is normally $60) for $490. This is a great deal, considering that the stroller with the doubles seat is retailing for $509 right now. Sa-weet!! Then, to top things off, I got it in ONE day. I guess it does pay to live on the east coast, where a lot of these companies are based. By the way, I ordered it from PishPoshbaby, which has great deals, as well as fabulous customer service, and almost no shipping costs... gotta love that. 

So yeah, anyway... I love it, and it has made having 2 kids in the city, so much easier. The whole bjorn-every-day thing, was getting a little old. I would of course, recommend the stroller to everyone and their dog. It was definitely worth every penny!!

Check this out...
Do you see how skinny that closet is? It's small, trust me. But I can fit both my maclaren and phil & ted in there, plus more. That's how nice and tight the stroller folds up. 

Here are some more random pictures:

Nate, on his first day of school!

Asher, playing in some of the fountains at one of the parks

Sportin' his swim diaper over his pj's. He insisted on putting it on. Such a silly kid!  By the way, Asher is more attached to Mr. Bee-dee, then he ever has been.  I'm sure it's the move, and then he was sick, so that didn't help.  The funny thing is, we cut the tip to try and wean him off of it, but I have been worried about his teeth because of the way he sucks on it with it cut, so I bought him a new one, but he now prefers it cut.  Awesome!

This is how Asher kept himself entertained while we waited for our baggage, and then tried to figure out where to go from there, at the airport. Probably a good 20 minutes!

Here is Sayer, waiting patiently. I know, he's adorable, right?!


Lisa said...

that stroller sounds amazing! I will definetly have to remember it when I have more kiddies. So which maclaren do you have and do you like it?

Alicia said...

I have a friend with that stroller and she LOVES it too! And welcome to rain storms in the east. They are definitely different than Utah rain storms, that's for sure. Good luck to you as you're in this new adventure together...and good luck with your kitchenETTE. :)