Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rockin' Ward

This picture has nothing to do with the post, but I wanted to include it anyway!

Ok, so I am admittedly very behind on my posts. Nate keeps complaining that I haven't done a post in "SO LONG!" So there will be a few posts in the next little while showing what we've been up to... which isn't a ton, but I do have some cute pictures. 

I would just like to start of the slew of posts by saying that we have the most awesome ward! We have been so fortunate to be in such great wards since we have been married. We were sad to leave our last one in Provo, but it's not so bad when you move from one great ward to another one. There are several reasons that we feel our ward is awesome thus far...

Reason #1: There is a great group of moms who are all so fun and different and interesting and welcoming. Isn't it amazing how you can meet a group of gals and just sit there and talk like you've known each other for years? I feel like I will be really close friends with many of them. 

Reason #2: One of the first weeks we were here, our Bishop and his wife had all the new members over to their apartment for a waffle party. They were very yummy. I am all for having breakfast for dinner, which in my case, is pretty much having dessert for dinner! ;)

Reason #3: Our ward has some super talented people in it. (apparently, people on the west side are more artistic than those on the east...) Our organist is A-MA-ZING. Seriously, every hymn we sing sounds like it's being played for the tabernacle choir. (I think the guy does it for a profession or something like that) Then to make things even better, there is this opera singer chick who leads the music, who goes all out, so our opening, closing and rest hymns, are just awesome. It is a little funny because it's so... what's the word... exuberant, but to be honest, it makes the spirit so much stronger, and actually makes me want to sing the hymns, which I usually don't.

Reason #4: Every single person I have talked to (and that's a lot, because everyone introduces themselves and tries to get to know new people) has been SO unbelievably welcoming. I feel like I am surrounded by some of the warmest and loving people I have ever met. 

So yeah, we are loving our ward... well, at least I am! I think Nate really likes it too though. There is also another cool thing about our bishop and his wife, but Nate doesn't think I should post it on the blog, so if you really want to know, ask me some time... it's cool!


Julia said...

i am so happy for you! having a ward that embraces you in a new place is so essential. that is just fantastic. YAY!

Anonymous said...

Thrilled that you love your ward, but also terribly jealous. And it's not nice to hint at something and then not tell us - a dirty trick!
I wish I could say our ward was like yours ... but it's not.