Saturday, September 13, 2008

Asher pants

This is even more overdue than Sayer, but Asher is now 2. I feel horrible because we never celebrated his birthday in any way. The week of his birthday Nate was really busy with gigs, so we had decided that we would celebrate it the next week by doing the Heber Creeper, or going to Kangaroo Zoo or something like that, but we were never able to get it together and do it. We didn't get him any gifts, because we knew we were moving, and what ever we bought him, we would have to ship, so we decided to wait. So, now here we are, a month and a half later, and we still haven't celebrated it. So sad! But, we are ordering him a train table and set with the money he got from my mom and grandma, so maybe we will celebrate with a cake too, when we get it. I know he doesn't know the difference, but it still makes me a little sad. Oh well.
Asher is still just as busy as ever. I am amazed every day at his progress in talking and especially with his progress in coordination. Jumping (preferably off furniture) is definitely his favorite, although he seems to be enjoying trying to stand on his head, as well as something that looks like an arabesque. And to think, after all that, he has still never attempted to climb out of his crib (thank heaven)! He is very imaginative (I think he takes after his mother in that department). He loves to play with his toys and make them talk. The other day, he put some blocks together in a line on the floor and was pretending that it was a train. He was making it go through tunnels and under chairs, it was so cute, and very creative. He loves cars and trains, and will lay down on the floor and drive them around for a long time. I was doing my hair in the bathroom the other day, and he brought his cars in, and lined them all up by the tub, and started talking to them, saying "icky poo-poo", "no no", "don't touch". I guess that's what I sound like!
He loves his little brother, and thinks it's hilarious when he makes him laugh. He will do whatever makes him laugh over and over again. When Sayer is crying and I can't get to him right away, he will very skillfully put his binky in his mouth, it is very sweet. He really is such a sweet little guy. He loves to snuggle, or curl up on the floor with his binky and blanky, which he of course still loves so much. He's like Linus! 
Asher has been doing pretty well adjusting to the move. He did go through a monstrous week or so, and then he got sick. I think he was definitely a little stressed, or whatever toddlers experience when they are uprooted from their homes and friends, and put somewhere completely unknown. He has also started hitting again, which I thought he had kind of grown out of, but I guess not. Well actually, I guess I am not in nursery with him, so maybe he has been hitting more than I know. Either way, I am hoping to help him stop, so if anyone has any advice for me, I am all ears.
Asher also loves to go bye-bye, which is what he's telling me right now. He loves being in the stroller and watching everyone and everything going on around him. And he of course loves all the parks around here, especially the sandboxes. We bought him his own pail and shovel and baby stroller, as he kept using the other kids' at the park, which no one really cares, but it's good for him to have his own stuff. Asher loves his daddy, and pretends to talk on the phone and says "I call daddy". Right now he is saying "I wanna go see daddy", as we are meeting Nate at the subway station in a few. Ok, so I better go, Asher didn't have a good nap, and is pretty distraught that we are not going "bye-bye" yet. I'll post pictures of his birthday celebration when we have one! ;)

**Thanks to Allie, again, for taking such great family pictures for us. It was bedtime when we took them, so Asher was very tired, and wasn't really smiling much, but he still looks pretty handsome, if I do say so myself! I will post some more a little later. 

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Leesa Tripp Tracy said...

SUPER cute pictures Morgs! You all look so good! I hope things are going good out there! I think of you EVERYDAY!! Please stay in touch and let me know how things are going! Your kids are beautiful! Is this Allie (the gal who did the pics) from NYC? She does a fantastic job! Your hair looks darling, i love that color of shirt on you... you are just STUNNING!!! Well i love you! Take care! Keep in touch! Lees