Friday, June 27, 2008

Best dance ever...

Ok, so I am loving So you think you can dance this season. I had to share this dance, because it is truly amazing. When I was watching it, I just couldn't get over how awesome all the subtle nuances were, and how well they portrayed the emotions. I got chills and seriously wanted to cry for her. I loved it, so, so much!! I may have watched it one or two, ok like 10 times.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

For Nate...

So like I said, Nate is in Ireland, while the boys and I are here in Spokane, with his family. Nate misses his little boys, so he asked me to post some pictures of them.

Here are some pictures from the arcade...

Here are some pictures from playing outside with the cool sprinkler. By the way, this was such a fun sprinkler for them to play with, because there are a lot of different spouts, so everyone can have their own... no fighting is always a bonus. The spouts are also the perfect size for filling up water balloons.

Little baby Sayer...

Here is some video of Sayer talking and laughing a little bit. Sometimes he will really get talking, but I couldn't get him to do it. It was also a little challenging holding him with one hand, and filming with the other. The second part is Asher and the two other 2 year olds, being silly. Asher wouldn't say "I love you daddy", but Ally would. You will be able to get an idea of the craziness going on in this house from this video.

We've been having a fun week so far. There have definitely been some stressful moments with 10 little kids, 3 of which are 2 year olds, but we are still alive. Sayer actually had a little accident today. He was sitting in the bumbo chair on top of the counter, and one of the little ones basically pushed the bumbo chair off the counter... with him still sitting in it. It was so sad, and quite frankly, I am SO glad that I didn't see it happen, because I think I would have been hysterical. But, aside from his misshapen head, and being sad because he is in pain, he is fine. These are the times when it is SO nice that my Father in law is a pediatrician. He just came over, and checked him out, and said that he was fine. Just fyi, if something like this ever happens to you someday, you should be worried if...

they hit their head so hard that they start to bleed, like a cut or something,
they lose consciousness,
they're not crying,
when they're soft spot is swollen

So anyway... there's a little recap of our trip so far... just for you Nate!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My new favorite show...

Ok, so I am here in Spokane, WA with Nate's family, while he is in Ireland, and yesterday was kind of a stressful day. Well, after the kids were in bed, we all sat down to watch some recorded shows, and lets just say, it was a good day after all. We watched the premiere of Wipeout, and I don't think I have laughed so hard in my entire life, my back was hurting. I couldn't find the clip that we seriously watched 10 times last night, but I found something pretty close. For those of you who really need a boost today, seriously, go to, and watch "wipeout" from last night, 6/24/08... there are a ton of funny ones, but the best was Margie (I think she is the second person they show), and then the 56 year old woman... so funny! Until you watch it, here is a little teaser for next weeks show, that is almost as good as the ones from last night...


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Morgan's Picks: carriers/slings addition

Today we are talking about carriers and slings

There is nothing better than a good carrier or sling, or maybe one of each, or a couple of each. There are many carriers, and even more types of slings... but they all have different uses and benefits.


Baby Bjorn Synergy

With Asher, I got the Baby Bjorn original carrier, which is nice, although I don't think it really is the BEST. If I were to get a bjorn again, I would get the new synergy carrier, as it has the extra back support (like the active bjorn model), as well as the mesh, breathable material (from the bjorn air model), which I think would be nice, as the regular model hurts my back after awhile, and the mesh material is cooler, and quick drying, which would be good for the pool. They are of course, a little more costly, ranging from about $132-$150, but I am all for getting it cheaper on ebay or craigslist. The bjorns are great for short term wearing, like for a shopping trip, at the pool, maybe a short walk. I have used mine a lot more with Sayer, as I still don't have a double stroller.


I got in touch with a friend of a friend who lives in NYC, when I found out we were moving there. She said it would be helpful to have a carrier or sling, but not one of those "wussy baby bjorns". She suggested the ERGO, which is more ERGOnomically correct, and allows the weight to be distributed evenly on the hips and shoulders, instead of the back. It is also supposed to be good for the babies hips, legs and spine alignment. It does look super cool, and is also very versatile, I think you could even use it for hiking. They can be a little costly as well, ranging from $92-$105, again, she said she got hers on craigslist. This carrier looks like it would be great for a more long term wear. She said it is great to walk around the city with, so I would take that to mean you could wear it all day if you needed to.


When I was prego with Sayer, I wanted to get a sling, for various reasons, but mostly for the newborn stage, so he could sleep in it. When I delved into my sling research, I couldn't believe how many options there were out there. My friend Sarah, helped point me in the right direction with her recommendations: zolowear, and Mei Tai. Both of which can accommodate infants and toddlers, and are very versatile.

Hotslings pouch sling

Through my searching, I ended up finding this awesome website, that has pretty much every brand of sling (as well as carrier), which you can search by style (ie: pouch, ring sling, wrap, etc), and it has tons of reviews, and pros and cons to each type of sling, as well as price ranges. It was awesome. From that, I decided that I wanted a pouch sling, and narrowed my favorites to Hotslings and Slinglings, which are both very similar. They are both pouch slings, which are very versatile, and can be used a ton of different way, for toddlers even. I don't know many people who actually want to carry their toddler, but it's nice to know you have the option. I would kind of like to try a ring sling next time around. I know my friend Lark made one, so I will have to ask her how that turned out, and if she likes it better, or just as much, as her pouch sling. I made my own pouch sling as well, as you will recall from this post. It turned out pretty good, and I do use it, even now, as it has other ways to use it as well. But, if I make one again, I will use different fabric, something more breathable and a little bit stretchier and soft. My previous post has the sites I used to make my pouch sling, one of which has patterns for many different types of slings. I believe that is where Lark got her ring sling pattern as well.  Most slings, really aren't too expensive, although they can be.  They range from as little as $20, to as much as $150 (which is pretty ridiculous, when you can get a great one for $35!)
Ella roo organic ring sling, from the sling station

As far as hiking carriers go... I have no idea, as I have never been in the market for one. So if you have any to recommend, let's hear it. 

What are your favorite carriers and slings?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to the Dads in our lives!! Three of the smartest, loving, fun, and hardworking men we know! We love you, and are so grateful for all that you do for us!!

Morgan, Asher, Sayer, (and Nate too)

Nate with Asher and Sayer

Nate's dad, Chris, with baby Cooper

My Dad, Bill, with Asher

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New toys...

Check out my awesome yard sale finds...

Asher, enjoying his new sandbox and picnic table

On my way home from the 5k, this family was just setting out their yard sale stuff, and I saw this little turtle sandbox, that looked in good shape. Nate and I have been talking about getting Asher a sandbox to play in, and this looked perfect. So I turned around, and the lady said it was $5... what a deal. I told her I didn't have my money with me, but that I would be back to get it, so she put it aside for me. When I went to go pick it up, this other lady was trying to fit that picnic table (also in great shape) in her toyota corolla... hello, I don't think so! So when she drove off, I asked how much that was, and they said $5... I'll take it! So I went and dropped off the sandbox, then went back to get the table. The guy even threw in a bag of sandbox sand they had and weren't going to use anymore... what a guy!

So, now Asher has a fun deck to play on, all for only $10!!

Break the Silence 5k

This morning, my sister Jillian and I ran in a 5k at BYU, to "Break the silence" of pornography and domestic abuse, or, to just run a race, one of those. It was definitely not a super race, where you feel all pumped and excited. It was actually kind of weird... we were all lined up at the starting line, like 5 minutes before it was supposed to start, and this chick is reading stuff about pornography and domestic abuse, and all of the sudden, with no warning, we hear the starting horn, and we're like, "oh, ok, I guess we run now". No, "ready, set..." or "on your marks, get set..." or even "are you ready?"... it was weird. But, it was free, so we can't complain too much. The course was good though, and we actually did pretty darn well, if I do say so myself. I was a little bummed, because we came in one minute, 25 seconds, later than my goal time, but I still think we did awesome, considering that there was a fatty hill in the middle of it (we went East on Stadium drive from Canyon), you know the one Whitney. You would have been so proud of us. As I recall, during our last training, we frequently had to walk on that hill (not because of Whit, because of me), but Jill and I were cruisin'. We came in at 29:25, which means I shaved 5 minutes off of my last 5k time, which I was really happy about... progress! My training so far, has been going so great, and I am really enjoying myself, which really is the most important thing.

Friday, June 13, 2008

"Daddy's shoes"

In Asher's words...

"Daddy's Shoes!"

I'm sorry, but I just cannot get over how cute, and silly this kid is! Check out his farmer's tan, and of course his cute belly!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Morgan's Picks

So I today I took Asher and Sayer to our favorite park, and two friends from our ward were there as well, which was a nice bonus for me... real people to talk to! One of my friends, Maryn, is expecting her second girl this September, and was asking me questions about what kinds of baby gear I liked, especially for two kids, and I realized, that I have some pretty strong opinions about this sort of thing. I am that person that thinks that everything I have chosen to get for myself, or everything that I plan to get, is the best. Of course, that only means that it is the best for me, because each mom is so individual, has different needs, style, etc, so what is the best to me, may not be the best to you. However, since I have been having several people ask me my opinions on baby gear, and the like, I am going to give it. After all, this is my blog, and I can say whatever I want, right?! So, every so often, I am going to post baby stuff that I enjoy, and if you like it, great, and if you don't, then, you're wrong! haHA!! Just kidding! I do not profess to be an expert in any of these areas, but, I am a mom, so therefore do have experience with these things, and have also learned a lot about what I like and what I don't like. Just a warning, which I'm sure if you ever read my blog, you already know... but I like to talk... a lot, nothing will be left unsaid, and like I said, I have an opinion about everything, so read on at your own risk!! :)

So, I will start with strollers, because that is what she specifically asked me about today.

My top pick single stroller, is none other than the Maclaren Techno (either XT or Classic). I have the Classic, which I like better, because the padding (which can also be removed) is better for an infant, as it covers the whole seat and back, and also has a head support. But other than the padding, I don't think there is a huge difference. They actually don't make the classic anymore, but you can still purchase it at some stores online. Reasons the Maclaren Techno is the best:

1. It is super light weight. It is basically a glorified umbrella stroller, but sturdier
2. If folds up super tight and has a carrying handle
3. It fully reclines to accommodate an infant (which was the big selling point for me), which most umbrella strollers don't do. Even now, I can put Asher down for a nap when we are out and about and he sleeps great in it!
4. Maclaren is very high quality and durable
5. Has such a nice smooth ride
6. Extendable handle bars for Nate
7. Awesome sun shade, that can seriously cover the entire seat (it unzips further than what is shown in the pic), which is great for a sleeping infant (or toddler).
7. Front wheels can be locked, so you could use it for speed walking, and maybe a light jog

*In my opinion, the only downside to this stroller, is that it doesn't accommodate an infant seat. But I think the benefits outweigh that downside by far. 

It is a little more costly, but I got mine for $169.99 off of ebay, brand new, so it doesn't have to be super costly if you look for deals. 

They also have this same stroller available in a twin, which my sister Whitney has, and likes it (I think). This is the model I would go with if I were looking for a side by side. Sometimes, it can be too wide for shopping errands, but other than that, it's awesome!

As far as double strollers go, you all know my loyalty lies with the Phil & Ted:
Because it's awesome, duh!  But, if you are in the market for something a little less costly, and that allows you to attach an infant seat as well, then I think I would go with something like the Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Stroller. It looks super cool, and is a nice option to be able to squeeze through narrow spaces, that is also not a huge boat, like the Graco twins tend to be. I am not very familiar with the Kolcraft brand, but just check out all the different options for the seats on the link above!
I read a bunch of reviews, and it sounds like people LOVE it, and say that it is quite zippy.  The only drawback is that it is rather heavy and large. It retails for $299.

Ok, so that's all for now.  Hope you learned something new.  Stay tuned for the next "Morgan's Picks"!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Weekend update...

So this last week with Asher, has pretty much been unbearable, throwing tantrums over every tiny little thing, wanting his binky and blanky every second of the day, being so clingy, hitting, more tantrums, sleeping bad, you name it. Can I just say, that all mothers know best. I knew Asher had an ear infection when he woke up last Saturday morning with a low grade fever, but the Dr. told me "no, just treat the symptoms, it probably won't turn into an ear infection, blah blah blah!" So I totally listened to him, and on Monday when he didn't have a fever anymore, I thought he was better (which does make me feel bad for making Asher cry that night, but he really was feeling fine at that moment, and really was wanting to play). Anyway, so the week goes on and Asher is just a monster, and I was starting to think that I was a horrible mother, and that he was just turning into a bratty child, until...

On Thursday, I tried to pick some ear wax out of Asher's ear, and he freaked out, not like a brat, but like he was in pain, and immediately, I said: "I knew it!!!" I called the next morning to get him into the Dr (again), and sure enough... ear infection. Let me tell you, I was so glad that it was an ear infection, because the Asher from this last week was not my Asher, it was like he was a completely different child, and that other child, was driving me insane!!! I totally forgot that he really is such a sweet, happy little guy. So anyway, he is so much happier now, and is back to playing outside all day long, and this morning, he didn't even want his binky and blanky when he woke up, he just left them in the crib. Hallelujah for antibiotics! 

So yeah, mom's know best... always listen to your instincts!!

Friday night was the Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband CD launch concert. They put on a great show, and Sayer was a champ and slept through the whole thing, while Asher was at home with a babysitter. The best part of the whole night, were the teeny-bopper girls that were sitting behind us. Half way through the show, the band came up to this little stage in the middle of the audience, and the girls behind us were freaking out, they were so excited to be so close to the band. HAHA!! Then one of them says, "OMIGOSH, if they play Dream Big, I am going to die!" Then, later, Ryan was introducing one of their songs, 10,000 Lakes, and was telling the story of how he started writing the song, which included a sword that had 10,000 jewels stolen out of it, and then he announced the title of the song, and the girl was like: "ok, that has nothing to do with the story he just told" Oh man, it was so awesome. I know it doesn't sound as funny to you, but trust me, it was. These girls were seriously so dumb, and definitely did not grasp the deeper meaning of the song. 

Ok, so then, on Saturday, I took the kids to babiesrus to get a bed for Sayer, which is just a second pack n' play with a bassinet attachment, and then decided to head next door to Toysrus, just for fun. Let me just say, that there is a reason that I don't do that very often... as soon as I walked in, I was like, "oh, Asher would love, this... this is so cool..." etc etc. I wanted to get everything in that store. Then we found the bikes and Asher was in heaven. He seriously loves bikes, or anything that he can sit on and pretend to drive. So Nate and I have been talking about getting him one, and it took all my energy to not buy him one right then and there, without even researching prices and models and all that good stuff. Amazingly, we made it out of there, not having spent a penny. What self control I have!!

Then, on Saturday night, the best thing in the world happened. I put Sayer down to bed at 7:00 pm, in his new bed, and he slept for 11 1/2 hours straight. I didn't hear a peep out of him until 6:30 am. I was so happy. Of course, I still didn't get a good night sleep, because I kept waking up, waiting for him to cry. But I'm not complaining, my body will adjust soon enough, as he did the same thing last night. So it looks like 3 months is the magic age for Sayer... he is eating so much better and is so much happier, I wrap him up and lay him down, and he puts himself to sleep, and now, he is sleeping through the night, and I didn't even have to make him cry it out (which I was seriously considering). Woo-hoo!! 

Last night, I had to work, so Nate did both kids all by himself, and did an awesome job. Now that they both go to bed around the same time, it can get a little tricky for one person, so I was very impressed when he said things went well.

So anyway, sorry for the long boring post, but I just wanted to post those few thoughts. This week, I will be on my own starting tomorrow, as Nate is teaching at a fiddle camp, so thank goodness that Asher is back to his cheerful self, or else things would have gotten pretty ugly around here!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Marathon news...

Well, I didn't get into the NYC Marathon, which I am pretty bummed about, but neither did my dad, or Jill, so it's ok, we can all just run it another year. So, I have been looking for another marathon to do and am thinking about the Dunkin' Donuts Cape Cod Marathon (I know, how ironic that Dunkin' Donuts is the title sponsor for an event where people run 26.2 miles), on October 26th, so only a week earlier than NYC. Then, on November 9th, the perfect reward for running a marathon... an awesome Mexican cruise with the Olson fam, and NO KIDS (at least not mine!!). 

If anyone else knows of a cool marathon back east around the same time, let me know, my options are still wide open!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

3 months already?

3 months old!

I think he looks like his cousin Kadin in this picture

I don't know where the time has gone, but Sayer is already 3 months old. He has turned into such a happy little guy. His tummy troubles are almost a thing of the past, and he loves to smile and coo, and just be content. He is also starting to put himself to sleep for naps and bedtime, which is a dream! He still won't really sleep on a flat surface, so he has graduated from sleeping in the bouncer to sleeping in his carseat. I, of course, think he is absolutely adorable, though I am not biased at all! ;) The pictures above are the only ones where is he is actually 3 months, the others were just too cute to not be shared!

I love this picture! He is looking at Asher, and the look on his face looks like he is thinking: "What, are you doing?!"

Mr. Big eyes!

Just look at that precious face, and those adorable dimples!

In other news...

this kid...

Taken this morning lucky to be alive after today... really lucky. He has been an absolute terror. Infact, he is in his crib, seriously screaming at the top of his lungs right now, making himself hoarse. So technically, he still might not make it to tomorrow. Just kidding, really!! (Don't worry, I would never really hurt my child, lest you think you need to turn me into CPS!!)

He was sick this last weekend with a really high fever for a couple of days, so of course, we coddled him a lot and gave him special treatment... he also didn't sleep very well, so as a result, he is so tired. On top of that, since he is feeling better, I went back to not letting him have his binky during the day (the never ending saga of the "bee-dee"), and he was not happy about that. He has been asking for it all day today and throwing tantrum after tantrum. We went to the library tonight to get some books, and on the way home, more screaming. So I told him when we got home, it was dinner, bath, bed. He was in bed by 6:00 pm. Usually when we do that, he will sleep uninterrupted until morning, but tonight, he woke up an hour later wanting to get up and play, and I was like, "no way buddy!" So he has basically been crying/screaming for the past 3 hours. Well, off and on actually. At first, we started going in there to calm him down, and even read some more books, but then we decided to nip this in the bud, and just let him cry/scream it out. I have really been trying to not give in to his tantrums, as they have been a little more frequent, and I want him to know that they don't produce results. I have also been trying to give extra praise and attention when he is being nice and obeying, etc. He is generally such a sweet little boy, but when he gets mad... watch out!

Ok, so he
just stopped! He probably pooped himself out from crying his brains out. Poor little guy. It does break my heart to listen to him crying like that, but I want him to know who's boss!