Saturday, February 12, 2011

6 Flags Indoor Water Park

A few days before Thanksgiving, we took a little family trip up to Queensbury, NY where they have a resort hotel with an indoor water park. It was so nice to get out of the city for a few days, and the boys of course had a blast. Sorry, this one is going to have a lot of pictures just because I wanted to include them all, so I did. It made me so happy to see my kids having so much fun... even if they seriously did the same exact things for hours on end.  There is a reason that you will only see pictures of them on a couple different slides and only in one pool.  Love it.

Asher loves his goggles.  He "swims" with them every day in the bathtub.

Love the goggles!!

They even got to keep swimming when it got dark!

It's hard to see this one, but they would go down together, it was so cute.  They had so much fun together.  I'm not gonna lie, they also kept getting in trouble with the lifeguard.  Those lifeguards sure take their jobs seriously.  Apparently climbing back up a slide is a serious offense.  I couldn't help laughing at how flustered the guy was getting after the 5th time or so.  I'm a bad mom.  I probably should have stepped in sooner.  But seriously, they were the only kids in the pool... let them have a little fun.

Love this!

The token picture of Bart.  Just chillin'.  He did get in the water a few times.  He was a good sport.

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Michal Thompson said...

we went to one of these when we lived in Cleveland, it was a great get away!