Sunday, February 20, 2011

Train ride to Connecticut

Back in November, we took a little day trip out to Connecticut. Our good friends the Carsons, who used to live directly below us, went and got a real job and moved out there. Peter was Asher's litle BFF when they lived here, and he misses him and still talks about him all the time.  It was his birthday so we thought it would be a great excuse to visit and catch up. The boys loved seeing each other again and had a grand old time. Peter is really into knights, so that was their theme. It was really a great day, from the train rides, to visiting with old friends, yummy homemade soup, eating cake, playing with toys, going to the park... thanks so much for having us out Carsons!
Peter and Asher.  So cute!
Singing happy birthday

Happy Birthday Peter!!

Loved the way they started with the cones.

Um, I don't think a fork will work on that Sayer! :)


There you go, that's better!

Peter's Grandma had a friend who had a knight in her classroom and was able to bring it for the party.

Playing at the park

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