Sunday, February 20, 2011

Halloween {2010}

Isn't it awesome that I feel the need to specify that this is Halloween 2010.  Ha!

Asher said he wanted to be a baby chicky again this year, so that made things easy for me. I did add a hood to the costume to improve it a little though. Sayer was a chicken again and Barty was the monkey. I feel so bad because I didn't get any pictures of Sayer and Bart in their costumes as they only wore them at the Primary Halloween party, and I didn't take any pictures there. Sad. They looked super cute though.
Asher at the Ward Halloween party.  I don't think I took any pictures myself at the party, I think a friend emailed this to me.
Asher getting ready to go trick or treating in the building

Addi and Asher

Tali and Addi.  I LOVE that Tali was buzz lightyear.  Her dad was woody.  What a good dad!

Sayer didn't go trick or treating because the plan was for him to go to bed.  I think we had been out all day, although now I can't remember where we went.  Anyway, I got back from trick or treating with Asher to find this sight.  Two suckers at a time.  Nice job putting Sayer to bed Nate!!

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