Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Asher's Lecture on Volcanoes

Asher is super into volcanoes these days. I don't really know where the love for them came from, but he asked to watch a movie on volcanoes, so I found this one on Hulu, which is actually pretty fascinating. So now he's pretty much an expert on volcanoes, obviously. In this video, Asher will tell you all you never knew you needed to know about volcanoes. My favorite things are the way he uses his hands to talk so matter-of-factly, and how he uses the word "actually". We think it's pretty awesome. Enjoy!

Oh, and it looks like it's sideways, but once you hit play, it is right side up.


Nielsen Family said...

So nice to hear is from a kid's perspective--I never thought of it as a mountain waterfall, but it kind of is a good way to describe it :)

Hailey Busath said...

Ha that was so awesome! He is going to be such a smart kid, just like his parents :) He probably knows more about volcanoes than I do

Melanie and Will said...

Ok now that was too cute! Very informative ;) Easton (my 4 yr old) uses the word "actually" a lot these days too! Asher talks really good!!