Monday, February 14, 2011


As in, I am about to admit something to you.  Please don't think I'm too weird, and please still be my friend.

I have never had a drop of alcohol in my life.  (That is not the admission, just leading into it :)  But I have a strange affection, no, love, for goblets.  I don't know what that says about me, but it's true.  I love them.  I love the way they look, the way they feel in my hand.  They're pretty and dainty and classy.  I don't know how you could not like them.  I bet most people who drink alcohol only drink it so that they can hold those awesome glasses.  Right now I have my eye on this beauty
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That's right.  It's pink with bubbles in the glass.  I also really like this one
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Most people buy clothes from Anthropologie, which I have yet to do.  But I do purchase their housewares... bowls, aprons, tea cups.  Ooo!  I love tea cups too.  Don't even get me started. 

To be honest, I have a love for dishes and glassware in general.  One of my favorite things as of late is this carafe.  $3.99.  I swear I drink more water because of it.  Nate used to teach fiddle lessons to this family in Utah.  They had us over for dinner in their gigantic, gorgeous home, and do you know what she had in her house?  A china room/closet.  At first I thought it was ridiculously pretentious, but now that I am older and wiser, and have discovered that I love to entertain and that I love pretty things,  I think it's pretty much the most awesome thing ever.  Ok, so it's more like a walk-in closet than a room, lest you think that I want to dedicate an entire room in my home to my dishes and glassware.  It's not even about showing it off either, it's about having all those beautiful things at my disposal to make an occasion special and memorable.  I blame my mother, really.  She loves pretty things too and has a talent for making occasions lovely and special.  I say it doesn't even have to be a special occasion.  Why not use pretty things all the time??  I've had these bowls for about a year now, and I love them just as much as the day I bought them.  It makes me so happy to use them.  It's silly, I know.  But never under-estimate the power of little things like that to make your day a little brighter, or to make eating fruits and vegetables more enjoyable.  Or ice-cream!  Although, that's always pretty enjoyable on it's own, but eating it in pretty bowls definitely doesn't hurt.   

 So there you have it.  I love goblets.  And tea cups.  And bowls.  And lots of other things that are impractical.  Now that I have that off my chest, don't be alarmed if you ever come visit me and I offer you juice with seltzer, or frozen hot chocolate in a fancy goblet.  Just go with it and enjoy the lovely-ness of it.


Breanne said...

Oh I totally get you.
Just this morning as I saw one of my small pretty platters on the dish rack that I can't stand to put away, I was thinking how much I love pretty and unique dishes in the kitchen. It really does make eating, cooking, even doing dishes more fun. Did you read my Christmas post about finding my old vintage goblets that were handed down from my grandparents, and how it was the highlight of my day?

If we lived near each other, I would LOVE to put on a party together. Maybe we could put on a Galena reunion dinner for the girls one day, wouldn't that be fun!

Oh, and I love that this was confession style. (I feel that way too sometimes when I don't think others relate to these kind of sentiments)

Michael and Natalie said...

I completely agree. Just as we were about to leave NY, I started purchasing things from Fishs Eddy and I realized that it really does make sense to buy nice plates, glassware, what have you, because it's actually a durable good. For the most part, those serving pieces last years and years, so dividing the cost over the years of use should factor into it. Plus, I really feel better about spending $25 on a plate over a shirt because, let's be honest, I'll be using that plate A LOT longer than I'll be using that shirt. An investment, I say. Also, stellar job on that cake!!

Morgan said...

thanks natalie! it's true, i am far more likely to spend money on "durable goods" as you call them, versus clothes. which definitely shows in the way i look ;) but i'll make up for that with other thing. :)

julie said...

You did a great job on the cake. It's beautiful. I totally understand the goblet thing. I have a few myself and need to use them more often as they do no good sitting in a cupboard.