Saturday, May 17, 2008

Asher's spots

Last summer we planted grass in our backyard, so this summer we will actually have a lawn for Asher to play on. It makes it very nice for me, as our yard is now also fenced in, so I can just send him outside and check on him every once in a while, and not worry about him so much. He loves it out there, and will seriously be outside for hours at a time. Usually when I go to check on him, I will find him in this spot:

I don't know why he always goes over there, but he loves it. He sits down there and plays with the dirt and looks into the neighbors yard. I think he looks so cute sitting there, looking so tiny, sitting in this little corner of our huge yard, especially since the grass is so tall in these pictures. Today I went outside to check on him and couldn't find him in any of his normal places. The neighbors on the other side said: "your son is over here", and pointed to the tiny space in-between our shed and their fence. He was watching them set their garden up. He looked so cute sitting there in the tiny little space. I think he likes "Asher sized" things and places.

This is Asher watching dad mow the lawn yesterday. He was fascinated!
Oh, and in case you wanted to know, that blue garbage can (which is a kitchen sized one) that you see part of in the picture... that is where we put all of our dirty diapers. Yeah, it fills up way faster that you would like to think!! It's gross.

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