Sunday, May 04, 2008

2 months

2 months already?! I can't believe how fast the
time has gone by. The other day I went to visit my friend Ashley, who just had her baby last week, and Sayer looked like a monster compared to her little peanut, and it made me kind of sad. Her baby was little like Sayer, plus she's a girl, and I think girls just look daintier, so she looked especially tiny. Anyway, I digress...

Sayer has been doing so much better. He still has his days, but for the most part, there has been much less crying, and more happiness and smiling. Yes, that's right, smiling! It is the best when your baby finally starts smiling. Sunday he was melting my heart all day with his sweet smiles and coos. I love him! But yeah, I am so grateful that his little body is starting to figure things out. He is much less fidgety, and seems like he is starting to be more comfortable in his own skin. He has also been sleeping pretty well. Last week he did so awesome, sleeping 4 and 5 hours, and only waking up once in the middle of the night. Then he had 2 amazing nights in a row, where he slept for 6 hours. He unfortunately got out of that rhythm, but I am hopeful we will get back there in no time! So yeah, much better!

Some of his favorite things these days include: sitting in his swing (not swinging, just sitting there) looking at the mirror above him and listening to the music it plays, sitting in his bouncer with calming vibrations, laying on his back and kicking his arms and legs while smiling and talking, snuggling and falling asleep on my shoulder (he is such a cuddler, Asher was not), spitting up, sitting in his bumbo chair (thanks Aunt Lizza) sleeping and eating! (I know Chris, there needs to be more tummy time in there. I'll get right on it!)

Today we went to the Dr, and Sayer is 10 lb 12 oz and in the 23% . He is getting so big and chubby. I love his little thighs, they totally have rolls on them. Asher's never really did. He was just small and solid. But Sayer is chubby and squishy, and I could just squeeze him all day long. Sayer is also a sensitive little guy, which is probably why his tummy pains bother him so much. He will get the little frowny and quiver lips and cry at any little thing... like his brother driving his Thomas the tank engine over his face. I mean, come on, suck it up Sayer! ;) He is such a sweetheart!

I love these pictures because in the left one you can see one of his dimples, and on the right, you can see his other one.

I think he looks so cute in this onesie. It's a newborn size, so now it looks like a muscle tee on him. Thanks Jackie, and thanks Grandma Lenie for the cute matching baseball socks!

Asher was 24 lb 10 oz today, which puts him in the 20%.
Such a silly little kid!


I just have to say thank you to all of my amazing and thoughtful friends out there, who have showered me with empathy, words of encouragement, and offers to take Mr Asher-pants off my hands for a while. I seriously have the best friends, (even the ones I've never met! ;). This is why I love the blogging world. It has been so nice to know that I am not alone out there, and that everyone goes through the challenges I am going through, and that I am NOT a horrible mother. Thanks for listening to my rantings, and for all of your support. Love you all!


Eric and Sierra said...

What a cutie. congrats on #2 boy. Hope you have more sleepful nights!!! You'll love having two boys together to sword fight, wrestle ect. I can't believe you are running already... your amazing I think it takes me about a year to run after a baby and then I just walk.

whitney said...

oh my gosh, he looks so different! even after just 2 weeks. crazy. i'm glad that he's sleeping better and that he's a little more happy these days. it just broke my heart that he was so sad all the time when i was there.

Bethanne said...

He is so stinkin' cute! :)

Did you say that he has digestive problems? Upset belly? Jackson, from birth, had a TON of digestive problems. Nothing seemed to sit right with him. He actually took a lot of medicine up to about age 6 months (prevacid, etc.) to see if it would calm his belly down...he writhed in pain if laid flat on his back and his whole body would just jerk in pain after any "meal". And because of his stomach trouble, he would cry; he was so uncomfortable. He is still sensitive to some things, but now he is finally better and can stomach most things. Good luck!

Jessica said...

What handsome little boys. Hopefully by 3 months his little tummy issues will go away. Brynlee kind of struggled for a couple of months but it seemed by about 3 they went away. Good luck.

Josh and Michelle said...

Your boys are so adorable. I cant believe he is already 2 months. 10 pounds is really good isnt it?
hey why is Nate going to Ireland?

Nate, Morgan, Asher and Sayer said...

bethanne~ yes, sayer seems to have some tummy troubles, which are slowly getting better. just like you said, he would writhe in pain during and after meals. he'll eat really well for about 5 minutes, and then it's hard to get him to eat more. He will eventually, and actually nurses way better than asher did, but it's still not as fast and easy as i would like. he is actually on prevacid as he would spit up/vomit a ton. he still does, but not as much. but yeah, sounds like the same thing as jackson. the poor little guy is just always in pain. but he really is getting so much better!

michelle~ nate is going to ireland with a byu celtic band that he directs. i guess they are going to some camp. i'm not really sure what it is, but byu is paying for his whole trip. he is really excited as he has never been. so i am headed up to WA during that time, so i won't be lonely!