Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Nate... and Andy!!

Wow, so being away from the computer for a week is great, but as a result, I had hundreds (literally) of posts to read when I got home. I have just barely finished catching up, and I didn't even read all of them. I decided that all my fun mom blogs would just have to be put on the back burner!!

Last Sunday, the 18th, we had a joint birthday party for Nate and his older brother Andy. Their birthdays are one week apart, and Nate's is first, so they are the same age for one week! It has been so great to have Andy and Kacey living in Sandy, we have been having so many family get togethers, and it is so fun. We will definitely be sad to leave everyone at the end of the summer.

For dinner we had scallops and chicken and asparagus in white wine sauce (delish!!) over pasta, with garlic cheese bread, and fruit, followed by a delicious german chocolate cake that Kacey made, which is Andy's favorite cake. It was so fun to visit and relax and eat!

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