Saturday, May 17, 2008

Big River

For the past few weeks, I have been on my own most nights, as Nate has been playing in the musical Big River up in Salt Lake. Last night was his last show, so I got to go see it. We left the kids with Andy and Kacey, (thanks again guys!), and I got to sit all by myself and not worry about anything, except enjoying the show.

I was
very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the production. A lot of the community theater productions that I have been to are almost painful to watch, the acting is so bad. These people were actually great actors, and even better singers. I seriously loved it. Just picture me sitting there with a big huge smile on my face. I'm telling you, musicals just make me happy. Good thing that we can get Broadway tickets at a student price. Another bonus of going to Columbia, is that Alumni get 50% off Broadway tickets. That's right people, we will be set for life! Nate could probably care less, but I couldn't be more thrilled!! Don't worry, I will share the wealth! :)

So anyway, I love Big River, and you should all definitely see it someday, or at least listen to the soundtrack, because it's amazing!  Oh, and of course, Nate did a fantastic job, as always.  He really is so talented!  During intermission, he came and found me and asked: "so when you hear the fiddle are you like, 'oh yeah, tha'ts my husband!!'?" haha!  I'm sure those who know Nate can totally picture him saying that.  I personally think he is hilarious, which is a good thing!

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