Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bubble bath

On Friday night, Asher had his first bubble bath. I know, I'm such a lame mom. He didn't really know what to think at first, but he warmed up to it after a while. I still don't think he was too crazy about it. Fine with me... it just makes more of a mess, and it's hard to get all the bubbles off. Again, I know... I'm so lame!


buhlersdayoff said...

wow I am kind of impressed that you have waited so long to give him a bubble bath. I have to fight B to not have one every day. You are a great mom and he will probably have enough to last him a life time.

Heather said...

The first time I gave Lauryn a bubble bath she hated it. I pretty much had to make her sit in it and then she screamed the whole time like it was painful or something. It's funny, because you can tell from the picture he's not exactly loving the bubbles.

Orange Peanut said...

I love bathtime in our house!!! Even if the whole bath ends up on the floor - the boys enjoy it for sure!

You have been busy with all the posts! I love reading and seeing what you have been up to! I need to do a better job posting things that we are doing!

So when will you guys be moving to NY?

Orange Peanut said...

Okay I just saw your "fun stuff comin' up" list - I imagine August will be a hot month in NYC, but you will get to see Fall on the East Coast! Lucky you! Can I come to visit?