Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trip to CA

Back in May I went to CA to visit my new niece Pepper.  That is where I took the plunge and chopped my hair off. :)  
 Little baby Pepper does not look like this anymore.  She is now an adorable chubby little thing.  I can't wait to see her in... 3 months?  :(
 Also while in CA, I got to see my parents house that they have been building for-e-ver.  It was pretty much finished, but they were still waiting for approval to officially move in.  This house has been my mom's baby for years.  She derives great pleasure from talking to anyone who will listen about the minute details of this house... from the light fixtures to the crown molding to the tile designs she used in each bathroom.  Oh mother.  We love you for it! :)  Seriously though, my parents (mom especially) did such an amazing job designing this house.  It is going to be a fantastic place to visit with the kids now that there is so much more space.  We are having the inaugural Christmas this year, and it promises to be an absolute blast!!  Can't wait.
The living room.

Entry way looking into the family room

The beautiful staircase

The emblem.  This actually cracks me up.  It is so fancy, it looks like it belongs in the lobby of a ritzy hotel.  But no, it's in our entry way.  Ha!  Love it.

The kids closet.  My mom is going to put a light and books in here for a little play place for the kids.  They will love it.

My mom finally got her dream kitchen.

They re-finished our table, chairs and hutch.  They look like different pieces of furniture all together!

Lexy sitting in the spacious family room

The second floor landing.  Fancy iron work.

More of the kitchen

The butlers pantry that leads into the dining room.  I think this is one of the coolest rooms.  So great for entertaining!

and of course the doggy door

My proud mother standing in the doorway of their office.
 Nice job mom!  Can't wait to visit in December!!!!


Michael and Natalie said...

Your mom inspires me to be disciplined with my spending now so I can have all that someday!

Hailey said...

Is your mom kidding me with that house? It's gorgeous!

Cressida said...

Wow. Very different than the Mira Loma days ;) Love that the pink couch is still in the mix!!

One question: do you guys still have the trampoline?! If so, I don't care HOW big the house is, slumber parties still go outside ;)

Congrats on the dream house, Lisa and Bill xoxo

Anonymous said...

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