Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Horse cake

I made this cake for Asher's friend's birthday party.  She loves horses.  They are definitely not my specialty, but I did my best.  I have decided that I don't love making characters out of fondant... it's not really what I want to specialize in.  I am more about making things really pretty and classy, but it's fun to do these for my kids birthdays.  My friend asked me to do this pretty last minute, and it was my first paid cake.  It's not amazing, but her daughter was SO pleased with it.  When she saw it, she said to Asher: "I am SO glad that your mommy made me that cake!"  It was pretty sweet.  The cake was also really yummy.  I used the better homes and gardens yellow cake recipe (my favorite) and it was so moist.  I frosted it with chocolate ganache, which got lots of compliments.  I tell ya, you just can't go wrong with ganache!

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