Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Saturday in Central Park

This was a few weeks ago, and I think, is at the top of my list of favorite NYC days.  We started out at the Central Park Zoo, which to be honest is just ok.  But the Children's Zoo is really cute and fun for the kids.  After the zoo we headed to that same park with the huge long slide.  After prying the kids away from the slide, we started walking home and stopped and sat on a bench while the boys climbed rocks and Barty charmed everyone who walked by.  It was a perfectly beautiful day, the park was beautiful (as always) and everybody in our little family just had a great time.  You can't beat that.
Victoria Gardens.... a little amusement park that is open in the summers at the south east end of the park.  It's expensive.


Oops. He got his foot stuck.

Barty had so much fun running around and climbing everything he possibly could

I love this picture!

I love this picture of Bart mid-run

Brother time in the egg

Seal show at the zoo

Random Elmo sighting.

A boy's heaven... huge rocks to climb

Barty loves pushing around the scooter.  He is starting to actually ride it and it's pretty awesome.

I love Central Park.  It really is an amazing place.  Sometimes I still can't believe that we live in this amazing city.

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